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I think my injuries most contributed to my difficulties in that They have stopped me from seeking and maintaining gainful employment and has led to my addiction to opiates to control my pain.
The hardest part of my life has been maintaining a home for myself.
Since I do not have a safe place to live and store my important things, they get stolen often and I have to re-acquire them. Just this process takes up most of my time and energy and resources. It's a vicious circle. one step forward and two steps back.

Wish List
  • Chocolate or Marzapan

  • back pack

  • warm footwear Size 13 mens

  • socks, blanket,

  • Deuce Hoodie, XL in Black

  • Warm winter jacket xl mens

Gateway & Front Room
Surrey, British Columbia

Gateway Shelter, comprised of 40-beds, is a barrier-free homeless shelter open 365 days a year, for men and women over the age of 19.
Clients who do not qualify for the housing program are still able to access shelter beds through the temporary winter shelter or through Gateway Shelter on a night to night basis. Supervised by staff during rest times, it offers separate women's and men’s sleeping areas with washrooms. Lockable storage and coat racks are available for use. Guests are allowed to leave at any time during the night.
The shelter is attached to the Front Room Resource Centre, where individuals can access showers, laundry facilities, hygiene products, coffee, individualized case planning, community referrals and a diverse array of services. Individuals staying at the Gateway Shelter are offered three meals daily through the Bread4Life Program.

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