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Ray is from Edmonton. He likes to travel, has hitchhiked all over Canada, and spent eight years living in a tent. He says, “If you’re going to be broke, you might as well enjoy it.” In the past, he worked in fast food restaurants and convenience stores. Now he would like to find work doing landscaping or painting, but he doesn’t have a driver’s licence. He also prefers to be his own boss. He enjoys chilling with friends, and he keeps in touch with his family through Facebook. He asks for prayers for good karma to keep the good things going. If Ray had unlimited resources, he would by an abandoned hotel and turn it into a Dr. Who-themed hotel and restaurant. He would also like to get a driver’s licence, buy a semi and do long-haul trucking. What he would like most of all is to have a dog.

Ray’s Christmas Wish List
Large backpack
Tim Horton’s gift card
Bicycle or longboard to get around
Cell phone

Wish List
  • Large backpack

  • Tim Horton's gift card

  • Bicycle or longboard

  • cell phone

Mount Edwards Park
Victoria, British Columbia

On February 23, 2016, Victoria Cool Aid Society started operating the BC Housing-owned Mount Edwards Court building to provide temporary transitional housing and support services for 38 people for approximately 12 months. Mount Edwards is located at 1002 Vancouver Street, at the corner of Rockland.

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