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I was born n Sheffield, England.
The first time I slept out it was scary and sad. I'm a 66 year old woman and I was sharing my apartment with my 87 year old mother. She developed cancer and I couldn't pay the rent by myself so lost the apartment.
I have had numerous careers throughout my life and I liked most of them. At present I am on a fixed pension.
The hardest part of my life is being mentally ill and not having a close family, being alone without anyone in my life.
My dog Chloe is my lifeline and only joy. The fact that we can be together at the shelter is what makes me happy.
With unlimited funds I would not travel. I would buy a home and spend the rest on helping other homeless people.
Please pray for the people who are still without warmth or a clean bed.
I haven't seen my son Chris W. in 15 years and would like to be reconnected.
I would be thankful for any gift - asking for something is really difficult.

Wish List
  • a watch

North Shore Housing Centre
North Vancouver, British Columbia

The North Shore Shelter provides 45 year-round minimum-barrier shelter beds and up to 20 overflow sleeping mats available during extreme weather. The need for a shelter on the North Shore, one of the richest communities in Canada, was identified through Lookout's shelter operating in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Canada. Further investigation discovered the North Shore had a sizeable homeless population living in the communities' streets and parks – refusing to leave their neighbourhoods for assistance. As a result of this need, individuals and organizations across the North Shore came together and formed a task force on homelessness with the mandate of creating an adult coed shelter, as well as a youth safe house.

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