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Kathleen is originally from Montreal. The first time she slept outside she was 14, felt abandoned, lonely and afraid. Her family are Jehovah Witnesses and due to some circumstances there was child sexual abuse, which led to Kathleen leaving home. She has worked as a teacher's aide at Edmonds School in Burnaby, as a nurse's aide at Buchanan Lodge in New Westminster. She has also been a foster parent / counselor in a foster home in Vancouver for physically and/or sexually abused children, as well as with teenaged girls who were pregnant. Being a foster parent has contributed to her healing. The hardest part for Kathleen is being so alone. Her dog, who she has had for 13 years makes her very happy and means the world to her. If Kathleen had unlimited resources she would have a large place with enough space to take in abused dogs. Kathleen would appreciate prayers for her daughter and grand-daughter. Kathleen's words of gratitude: "I just would really like to say Thank-You for any help, gift I may receive for myself and Max (dog). It's very much appreciated."

Wish List
  • Warm female footware. Size 7.

  • Blanket.

  • Gift certificates from Safeway, Bosley's or Shoppers Drug Mart

Rhoda Kaellis Residence
New Westminster, British Columbia

Rhoda Kaellis Residence is a supportive and transitional housing development recently built on Royal Avenue in New Westminster. The residence has 24 apartments for those with a history of homelessness, mental health issues and substance abuse. Residents of the 11 transitional apartments receive housing with support services for up to two years while the other 13 are affordable units that provide permanent independent housing

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