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I was born in Burnaby and went to Norway when I was 3 months old, then came back at 3 and a half years and lived in Vancouver for a while a block from the beach. At 4 and a half I came back to the west. I have worked in a bakery, as a house cleaner, & cleaning offices. I have also worked as a hairstylist in New Westminister, Vancouver, Coquitlam & Guildford. I have also worked as a cashier in Army & Navy. I landed in the psychiatric ward in St. Paul's when I was 16. I like the place where I live. I have two good friends, Tyler & Brian and they make me happy. I would like to have my own business. I would like people to pray for my diabetes and my bi-polar condition, that I stay well. I keep in touch with my family, they are busy. I see my mom regularly. I am a believer too and I do a lot of praying. I thought it was nice to ask what I want prayer for and I like to pray for others.

Wish List
  • blanket

  • Blue Jeans. Size 12. Denim. 32

  • Wal-mart or Save-On gift card

Rhoda Kaellis Residence
New Westminster, British Columbia

Rhoda Kaellis Residence is a supportive and transitional housing development recently built on Royal Avenue in New Westminster. The residence has 24 apartments for those with a history of homelessness, mental health issues and substance abuse. Residents of the 11 transitional apartments receive housing with support services for up to two years while the other 13 are affordable units that provide permanent independent housing

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