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Brian was born at Lionsgate Hospital in North Vancouver in the early 1960s. The first time that he slept outside was in the back of a station wagon in 1998 in North Vancouver in the Squamish Nation Land. He has worked in the past doing Search & Rescue, and is currently working on a Missing Persons page. Finding permanent housing has been one of the most problematic things for Brian, also making other aspects of life difficult. He is happy that his BC Housing has been approved, and feels that it is one of the things going in his favor right now. With unlimited resources, Brian would go traveling. Brian is very happy about the Homeless Partners initiatives.

Wish List
  • Superstore gift card

  • Walmart gift card

Rhoda Kaellis Residence
New Westminster, British Columbia

Rhoda Kaellis Residence is a supportive and transitional housing development recently built on Royal Avenue in New Westminster. The residence has 24 apartments for those with a history of homelessness, mental health issues and substance abuse. Residents of the 11 transitional apartments receive housing with support services for up to two years while the other 13 are affordable units that provide permanent independent housing

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