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Kevin is originally from Lethbridge, AB. He then moved to South Africa at age 2 and lived there from '66 to '85. He first found himself homeless at age 31 after suffering a very emotional trauma. He lost his friend's boys in a lake. He was the foreman there and they fell in and drowned and, even though it was an accident, he can't help blaming himself for it. That is what has contributed most to the difficulties in his life. He appears to be suffering from PTSD although he said he's never even heard that term before. Back when the accident happened, he was working on a cattle ranch. He can't do physical work like that anymore due to his arthritis but he would like to volunteer at a place like this. He's also done painting, decorating, and maintenance before. What makes him happy is being where he is now (at Mount Edward). He said it's the best situation and support he's had in 10 years! His new hobby is building bicycles. He likes to strip them down and rebuild them. If he had unlimited resources, he'd like to have a nice house and anything to do with horses. He'd appreciate for others to pray that all goes well with the trauma. His buddy still doesn't know that he blames himself for the accident.

Wish List
  • Underwear size M

  • Phone Card

  • Bike Stand for working on bikes

  • Crank Puller for bikes or gift card for a bike shop

  • Dried sausage or biltong

Mount Edwards Park
Victoria, British Columbia

On February 23, 2016, Victoria Cool Aid Society started operating the BC Housing-owned Mount Edwards Court building to provide temporary transitional housing and support services for 38 people for approximately 12 months. Mount Edwards is located at 1002 Vancouver Street, at the corner of Rockland.

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