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I am 25 year old female and I am originally from up North. The first time I slept outside I was 23 and it was cold and rainy. The types of work I have done include waitressing and I am an esthetician by trade. I would like to work in esthetics or waitress again. The things that have contributed the most to the difficulties in my life have been unemployment, difficulties finding full time employment and securing employment. What makes me happy is making people feel happy. What is going well for me is potential job opportunities and call backs. If I have unlimited resources id probably inquire/attend a local shelter such as John Howard Society/Gateway. I would like other to pray for health, happiness., love, family and the very same for themselves and ones self -

Wish List
  • Footwear - Size 9

  • Hat

  • Gloves

  • Scarf

  • A shirt - Medium - Grey

  • Warm Winter Jacket - Medium

  • Transportation tickets - 1 month bus pass please :)

Gateway Shelter for Women and Men
Vernon, British Columbia

The John Howard Society began offering services to men and women in Okanagan in 1957. Originally based out of Kelowna the Society grew over the years, eventually providing services throughout the Okanagan, the Thompson region and the Kootneys. The shelter provides women emergency shelter in the downtown core area of Vernon for the absolute homeless who may be suffering from economic downturn illiteracy, addictions and/or mental health challenges.

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