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I am 28 years old. I was born in Vernon, but I grew up and I was raised in Enderby. I am a Spallumcheen (Splatsin) Indian band member. I was in my early twenties the first time I slept outside. It was the beginning of my hard drug addiction stag. I was pretty big in the drug scene selling and doing drugs so being homeless did not bother me. I have done a lot of construction work as well as working in the food industry. I enjoyed cooking, but couldn't stand working in kitchens. I really enjoyed construction work. I would like to continue my carpentry apprenticeship. I grew up with a mother who abandoned me frequently as a child. This had grown or has grown into me having trust issues with women. I have recently started talking to and being apart of my families life again. I spent some time with my sisters and their children which fills me with joy. I'm dealing with my legal and addiction issues that are slowly but surely getting better. If I had unlimited resources I would like to build and open a treatment facility to help those in need. On a happy scale I'm probably around a 7. Life is beginning to get better and I'm happy to be a positive part of my families life. I look forward to growing in my recovery as well as being a part of others recovery.

Wish List
  • Bike lock

  • Long johns - Large

  • Warm winter coat - Large

  • Footwear - Size 12

  • Back pack

  • Shorts - Large - Any color

  • Gloves

  • Socks

  • Bus pass/ tickets

  • Telus Phone card

  • Memory foam mattress - Twin

Howard House
Vernon, British Columbia

The John Howard Society began offering services to men and women in Okanagan in 1957. Originally based out of Kelowna the Society grew over the years, eventually providing services throughout the Okanagan, the Thompson region and the Kootneys.
The Gateway Men's Shelter provides men emergency shelter in the downtown core area of Vernon to the absolute homeless who may be suffering from economic downturn, illiteracy, addictions or mental health challenges.

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