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I am 21 years old and I am from Creston BC. The first time I slept outside I was 15 and I was kicked out for issues concerning addiction. I have mainly been or had employment in the labor industry, specifically in the orchards. I think avoiding school has effected my life the most. I feel the happiest when I am with loved ones. What is going well?...I have not had a drink in ages. If I had unlimited resources I would make investments and possibly write a self help guide. Ive never really asked for prayers, but maybe to pray for those that are less fortunate.

Wish List
  • Warm winter coat - Medium-Large

  • Back pack

  • 2017 Calendar

  • Tabacco

  • Headphones

  • Atlas

Howard House
Vernon, British Columbia

The John Howard Society began offering services to men and women in Okanagan in 1957. Originally based out of Kelowna the Society grew over the years, eventually providing services throughout the Okanagan, the Thompson region and the Kootneys.
The Gateway Men's Shelter provides men emergency shelter in the downtown core area of Vernon to the absolute homeless who may be suffering from economic downturn, illiteracy, addictions or mental health challenges.

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