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Ronny has been at NS home for 2 months, growing up in Manitoba. He is such a grateful man who only wants the best for his family and children. I could tell that he put his kids first before anyone. He was so inspiring to talk to and just full of life and appreciation for what he has. He stayed at Rock Bay but found it difficult there with all the drugs. He has tried all kind of jobs but liked best doing metal roofs down in Texas. He Is interested in being a Driller for the experience and the money. He is really grounded and appreciates the simplicity of life. When I asked what makes you happy he replied "waking up everyday"- so beautiful! He loves educating myself and learning new things. The most difficult challenges he faces is judgements, specifically for being a First Nation, and being over qualified for jobs.
He would like to pray for his health!

He would love for gift cards to Mayfair Mall for his kids and family.

Wish List
  • gift card from Mayfair Mall

  • gift card for kids from Mayfair Mall

  • gift card for family for Mayfair Mall

Next Steps Transitional Shelter
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Provides an opportunity for 15 emergency shelter clients to access the resources and services they need to get their lives back on track.

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