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Larry has been at NS home for 8 months and grew up in Windsor, Ontario. Though he has lived a lot of his life in the States. He has a lot of neat stories of his experiences living down in Hollywood. He has a loving family and kids that he remains in contact with his family. He is 68 years young, spending some time in his van but mostly in shelters. He says most shelters "like prisons". You get kicked out in the morning (in some) , most people get sick from the cold.
He loves his work and has so much passion for it. He use to restore furniture and would still love to have his own shop today. When the economy fell out made life really difficult for Larry. No money to carry his business. And because he loved what he did, he always was keen to learn more making him sometimes overqualified that other managers were threatened by him to loose their jobs; so it made it difficult to find a job.
What makes Larry happy? Work. He loved the art of it and the techniques, an industry with endless education. He loves to teach what he has learned and everything about his trade.
His dream is to set up a shop! I can tell if Larry had an opportunity for his own shop- he would create a beautiful and inspiring space.

He is looking for a pair of shoes. Nice black pair that , more formal. he called them "Spanish boots" size 9.5 usually. but sometimes 10.. depending on shoes. comfy, warm.

Wish List
  • Spanish boots size 9.5-10

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