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Martin S is a 54 years-old man who was very generous with his smiles. Martin was born in Ontario and came to Saskatchewan due to being incarcerated in the penitentury. He likes biking, reading, and lifting weights. Martin is also very creative and enjoys painting and sketching. His challenges currently include finding transportation as he doesn’t have a license and waiting for his arm to heal from a ripped muscle. Martin’s plans for the future include returning to work and getting his license. For Christmas, Martin would like a good black boots in size 12, warm socks, and a gift card for Walmart.

Wish List
  • Black Winter Boots (size 12)

  • Socks

  • Walmart giftcard

Good News Chapel
Regina, Saskatchewan

This inner city church serves North Central Regina, striving to provide a place of faith, hope, and love to all who call it home.

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