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Dicky grew up in Nanaimo, and at age 12 or 13 years old got addicted to drugs when he began to live on the street. He does have a disability of social anxiety and depression and this makes it hard for him to work. He has a beautiful big dog name Electra who he has cared for for five years. The size of his dog makes it very hard for him to find housing that will allow pets. Dickie is an artist. He loves to do faces and Anime art. He has sold some on the street because his art is so beautiful. His favourite part about drawing art is seeing the faces that people make when they see his artwork. They are so surprised with how good it is. Dicky's dream is being able to go to an art school or achieve having a comic book of his own design.
For Christmas Dicky would love art supplies, paint, pens, etc. He would also like some Converse runners size 10 1/2, and Everlast fitted underwear size small.

Wish List
  • art supplies, paint, brushes, pens

  • converse runners size 10 1/2

  • Everlast fitted underwear size S

Mount Edwards Park
Victoria, British Columbia

On February 23, 2016, Victoria Cool Aid Society started operating the BC Housing-owned Mount Edwards Court building to provide temporary transitional housing and support services for 38 people for approximately 12 months. Mount Edwards is located at 1002 Vancouver Street, at the corner of Rockland.

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