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I am 19 years old and have battled mental health and addiction most of my short life. I am very pleased to say I have been clean for over 2 years now. I was kicked out when I was 11 by my mom who also has the same demons and ended up in foster care but never stayed. I was basically raised in the streets of New West. I finally have a life now. I have my own place and a job at a taxi company and I am the happiest I have ever been. I do struggle to make ends meet though. Even with the food bank and other resources I still go hungry right before pay day. I have a large dog who is my best friend. Her name is Zoey and she was with me for most of my journey. She is my world especially now since my grandma who is more like my mom since mine was off in heraddiction, passed a couple of weeks ago. I have really been struggling to stay clean and survive. My grandma always gave me food when I ran out and Zoey needs a vet she is limping and in pain. My wish is for stuff for Zoey food, vet, treats, toys etc. because she comes first. Thanks to all who are so generous and kind helping others have a nice christmas god bless

Wish List
  • stuff for Zoey food, vet, treats, toys etc. because she comes first.

  • Flowers for my grandmas grave

The Russell
New Westminster, British Columbia

The Russell Housing Centre's shelter component is a 24-hour, minimal-barrier facility for up to 15 men aged 19 and older. It is a men-only shelter with homeless women supported by the nearby Elizabeth Fry Society shelter, also located in New Westminster. Donations are a simple way to have direct impact in the life of someone who is homeless.

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