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Jennifer has been homeless for eight years, born in Saskatchewan. She said that growing up she had health problems and hated being alone. She was beaten and ran away from home first when she was eleven years of age. She lived on the street and was raped many times.
She has been married and has five children. She has spent time in transition house and has been here at Mt. Edwards for 8 months. She is in counselling for the first time and asks for prayers that she will find ease of mind and contentment.
She would like to be able to work at a place that helps people like she is.
She has worked as a waitress and spent 15 years laying hardwood floors. Her dream is to open a company that lays hardwood floors.

Wish List
  • Size 9 1/2 boots

  • Bus tickets

  • Christmas food - Turkey, etc.

Mount Edwards Park
Victoria, British Columbia

On February 23, 2016, Victoria Cool Aid Society started operating the BC Housing-owned Mount Edwards Court building to provide temporary transitional housing and support services for 38 people for approximately 12 months. Mount Edwards is located at 1002 Vancouver Street, at the corner of Rockland.

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