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Stephanie was born in Fort Alexander but moved to Winnipeg when she was 4 years old. Although she once had a small apartment of her own she had to give it up because it was infested with bed bugs. She is currently staying with her Mom. Stephanie has worked at several Tim Horton’s stores but would love to have her own business some day. She is currently struggling to find a job and affordable housing. The holiday season is very hard for Stephanie because some of her close family members have passed away including her Grandpa and her cousin. She encourages herself by maintaining a positive attitude and by having good friends she can trust. If Stephanie could give someone at Siloam a gift she would give them a smile, the gift of hope and encourage them never to give up.

Wish List
  • Backpack

  • St. Vital mall gift card

  • Necklace made out of string with cross made out of wood

Siloam Mission - Transition Services
Winnipeg, Manitoba

The transition services program helps guests move forward in their lives through goal setting, weekly meetings, support and accountability. Coupled with a circle of care – a team of people made up of staff and volunteers that encourages each participant on a weekly basis – the program is designed to provide supports so that people can regain their confidence and take positive steps knowing that a “family” is backing them up all the way.

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