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Deborah has lived in Winnipeg for a couple of years. She has two young adult children who are experiencing challenges of their own. Following a difficult rental experience in the city she was without a home and no family support. Though previously she had worked for a while in childcare and had a great time doing farm work, her efforts to reestablish herself here have been unsuccessful due to a back injury she sustained. She finds great encouragement from playing the piano and singing as well as sharing jokes that bring laughter to others. This Christmas, as she remembers the happy times she had finding and chopping down the perfect tree, she would like to bring comfort to a friend at Siloam by providing them with a backpack filled with essentials.

Wish List
  • Winnipeg transit bus pass/card

  • 4 season tent

  • Backpack

Siloam Mission - Transition Services
Winnipeg, Manitoba

The transition services program helps guests move forward in their lives through goal setting, weekly meetings, support and accountability. Coupled with a circle of care – a team of people made up of staff and volunteers that encourages each participant on a weekly basis – the program is designed to provide supports so that people can regain their confidence and take positive steps knowing that a “family” is backing them up all the way.

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