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Natalie moved to Winnipeg from Saskatoon 4 years ago for a job opportunity that fell through. She loves cooking and has worked as a chef – including at one point working in a homeless shelter. Her favourite meals to cook are hearty stews and chili. Natalie has had some difficult times – she was in an unsafe situation and tried to commit suicide. She suffers from mental illness which makes it difficult to hold down a job. Natalie is grateful for the staff at Siloam Mission – they have really stepped up to help her get to a doctor and she is now taking medication and feeling better. Natalie doesn’t have a lot of fond holiday memories – but loves the atmosphere at Siloam – the volunteers are friendly and the dinners really mean a lot. If she could give a gift to someone it would be a diary or a thermal coffee mug.

Wish List
  • Dishes

  • Towel set (purple)

  • Gift card for Walmart or Tim Hortons

Siloam Mission - Transition Services
Winnipeg, Manitoba

The transition services program helps guests move forward in their lives through goal setting, weekly meetings, support and accountability. Coupled with a circle of care – a team of people made up of staff and volunteers that encourages each participant on a weekly basis – the program is designed to provide supports so that people can regain their confidence and take positive steps knowing that a “family” is backing them up all the way.

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