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I have an eye disease which made me slowly lose my vision and now I am completely blind. I had a beautiful dog Zeus who I had trained to be my guide but he died a year ago and now I am all alone. There is a 4 year wait just to get on the wait list for a guide dog so I am using my blind cane but it is very difficult especially when I am in a new area. I want to take braille lessons then after I master that I want to teach braille to others for free so they don`t go through what I have gone through. My greatest wish would be for a dog. They said I can get a dog and a trainer has volunteered her time to train us, the dog must be very calm and even tempered. Preferably a lab, shephard or retriever type and 2.yrs old approximately. I also need the proper harness for the dog My mobility is also going so I need a scooter or electric wheelchair because I eventually will be paralysed. My other prayer would be for all those who are in darkness for the first time like me let them feel warmth and light from those around them

Wish List
  • Safeway gift

  • dog

  • scooter

The Russell
New Westminster, British Columbia

The Russell Housing Centre's shelter component is a 24-hour, minimal-barrier facility for up to 15 men aged 19 and older. It is a men-only shelter with homeless women supported by the nearby Elizabeth Fry Society shelter, also located in New Westminster. Donations are a simple way to have direct impact in the life of someone who is homeless.

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