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Crystal is a soft-spoken, kind-hearted woman who has faced some hard times in her young life. Her family relationships brighten her day, as well as her 4 year old son. She is from Winnipeg and she has big dreams to make more out of her life here in the city. She volunteers at Siloam Mission to give back to the community that has served her so much. Siloam’s services allows her to have a safe place to stay when she needs and helps her with developing skills to find employment. Her dream job is to become a professional bartender. Some of the challenges she faces involve staying away from the unhealthy influences and relationships in her life. Her fondest memories of the holiday season is the first snowfall. If she could have one wish she would wish that Siloam would receive the resources to build an even bigger shelter to house those in need on the cold winter nights.

Wish List
  • Mukluks, dark colour, size 7

  • Ardene gift card

Siloam Mission - Transition Services
Winnipeg, Manitoba

The transition services program helps guests move forward in their lives through goal setting, weekly meetings, support and accountability. Coupled with a circle of care – a team of people made up of staff and volunteers that encourages each participant on a weekly basis – the program is designed to provide supports so that people can regain their confidence and take positive steps knowing that a “family” is backing them up all the way.

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