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Selena is a warm, energetic and charismatic woman. She is from Manitoba and has worked as a security guard for most of her working life. She loves her work because she has the opportunity to interact with people and help them with their problems. She fell on hard times when she was evicted from her living situation over a conflict with a family member. Siloam has provided her with a safe shelter and resources for her to get back on her feet. She gives back to the community by volunteering at Siloam regularly. In her own words, “She loves people and she loves all kinds of music.” She looks forward to spending some time with her two kids (13 & 16 years old) this Christmas. Her fondest memories are of family times together opening presents and having a meal together. She wishes that everyone at Siloam could have warm clothes to wear this winter and a backpack to carry their belongings.

Wish List
  • Earbuds for MP3 player

  • Gift card to Ardene, GooglePlay, Walmart or HMV

  • Prepaid phone card

Siloam Mission - Transition Services
Winnipeg, Manitoba

The transition services program helps guests move forward in their lives through goal setting, weekly meetings, support and accountability. Coupled with a circle of care – a team of people made up of staff and volunteers that encourages each participant on a weekly basis – the program is designed to provide supports so that people can regain their confidence and take positive steps knowing that a “family” is backing them up all the way.

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