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I am originally from Quebec. It was very depressing the first time I was forced to sleep out.
I can't work anymore as I have stage 4 cancer and am living on the street using street drugs for pain management. I am very scared of hospitals and because I am a homeless drug user they treat me badly at the hospitals. They tell me I am drug seeking. I can't even do my cancer treatment because I am on the street and they said it is better to not do the treatment at all, then to start treatment and not finish them.
I have kids and grandchildren who I would like to see before I die but don't want them to see me like this. That would be a bad way for them to remember me. I don't want to die on the street either.

Wish List
  • Safeway gift card

  • cell phone

  • tablet

The Russell
New Westminster, British Columbia

The Russell Housing Centre's shelter component is a 24-hour, minimal-barrier facility for up to 15 men aged 19 and older. It is a men-only shelter with homeless women supported by the nearby Elizabeth Fry Society shelter, also located in New Westminster. Donations are a simple way to have direct impact in the life of someone who is homeless.

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