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Paul is very creative which is seen through his love of art. He aspires to just be a good dad for his child.  He is 39 and spent his whole childhood in the foster system. He originally from Prince Albert but at the age of 13 he was moved to Regina. He likes to spend time drawing, playing cards, gardening, and building models. He is very good at cooking, painting, carpentry, pluming, and he is quick to learn things. Paul’s challenge he is facing right now is getting on Welfare. He has on his wish list a backpack, and warm clothes such as a hat, scarf, gloves, and socks.

Wish List
  • Backpack

  • Hat, Scarf, Gloves

  • Socks

Good News Chapel
Regina, Saskatchewan

This inner city church serves North Central Regina, striving to provide a place of faith, hope, and love to all who call it home.

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