Read Their Story And Make A Pledge Today

Rocky is a very giving woman. She loves to show her creativity through art. She was born in 1966 and lived in various places growing up such as boarding schools and foster homes before she moved to Regina in 1990. Rocky loves the creativity art brings out in her through beading, painting, drawing, and woodwork.  She is very good with her hands and loves working on the farm but her arthritis makes it much harder.  Her main challenge right now is with alcohol, but she has been successfully sober for 153 days. She hopes that in the future she can help out the homeless. Rocky’s Christmas wish is simply a new blanket, a backpack, and bus tickets.

Wish List
  • Warm Blanket

  • Backpack

  • City Bus Tickets

Good News Chapel
Regina, Saskatchewan

This inner city church serves North Central Regina, striving to provide a place of faith, hope, and love to all who call it home.

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