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Debra has a heart for helping people. She grew up in Regina and has six daughters and one son. She mentors youth and visits the sick. She enjoys singing, teaching, and living peacefully while giving back. Debra is currently struggling with arthritis, and is recovering from an aneurysm. She is also living with diabetes. Her hope for the future is that people will find the Lord. This Christmas, Debra would appreciate some socks, a blanket, bus tickets, and some jeans (size 8-10). She would also appreciate some gifts for her children.

Wish List
  • City bus tickets

  • Jeans (women's size 8-10)

  • Gift card for children's gifts

Good News Chapel
Regina, Saskatchewan

This inner city church serves North Central Regina, striving to provide a place of faith, hope, and love to all who call it home.

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