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Lee and Andrias both grew up in Regina, however; they parted from an abusive father in 2005. They both have interests in broom hockey and a wide variety of video games. They have also worked hard and excelled in beading and drawing. Lee and Andrias strive to do well in school and assist the elderly. They hope that you keep them in your prayers and would be immensely grateful if you provided anything on the Christmas Wish List that follows: Two size 9 Male Kids Boots, Socks, Blankets, Hats, Gloves and other clothing accessories, as well as, Long Johns and Underwear. The children also wish for, two Male Large Winter Coat, two Backpacks, Sask-Tel Phone Card, various Gift Cards for Christmas gifts, Bus Tickets to Saskatoon, a Christmas Tree, Ornaments, and Festive Lighting.

Wish List
  • Children's boots (male size 9)

  • Bus tickets to Saskatoon

  • Christmas decorations

Good News Chapel
Regina, Saskatchewan

This inner city church serves North Central Regina, striving to provide a place of faith, hope, and love to all who call it home.

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