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Jacob is a 25 year old Caucasian male who has been homeless for two months. His challenges are that he has no job, no bus pass and no bike. He is originally from Winnipeg and followed his wife and baby daughter here, hoping to reconcile with them. His greatest wish is that they would be able to get back together. He was jailed for 30 days on his first criminal charge when came home one evening and found a neighbor in his kitchen cooking and eating his food. He had been drinking and beat the man up and was jailed. At that time his wife left him and came here.
He became homeless soon after arriving here and found it terrifying to be homeless and lived for awhile in Rock Bay Shelter.
He has worked in construction, as a cashier and other jobs and is trying to get bak on his feet. He would appreciate prayers that his family would get back together.

Wish List
  • Socks and blanket

  • Pullover sweaters size L

  • Thermal underwear s L

  • Christmas treats

  • Mall gift card for clothing

Next Steps Transitional Shelter
Victoria, British Columbia

Provides an opportunity for 15 emergency shelter clients to access the resources and services they need to get their lives back on track.

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