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Fabian is a 44 year old man from Colombia, Spanish speaking but reasonably fluent in English as well.
He was baking when I arrived and said that he had begun here as a cook selling Colombian food.
It was very hard for him when he became homeless over a year ago.
He is a very kind and likeable man and the most important thing to him is his two year old son and his wife. His wife is a teacher locally and left him because of drugs. He praises her for being a good person. He told of his addiction to drugs going back 25 years off and on. He came to Canada and got along well but fell back into occasional use and his wife would not stay with him. He has taken an addiction recovery course and feels confident that he can stay on track and wants to be back with his son and wife.
He has a job now in finishing concrete and will be in his own bachelor apartment in the next few days.

Wish List
  • Work boots men's size 10

  • Backpack

  • Food, rice and beans and vegetables

Next Steps Transitional Shelter
Victoria, British Columbia

Provides an opportunity for 15 emergency shelter clients to access the resources and services they need to get their lives back on track.

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