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Rafael is a 68 year old man who was born and raised in Mexico City. His mother tongue is Spanish but he speaks fluent English. He says, “I have travelled many places in the world; but have called Canada my home, since 1974. I used to own property and a business downtown Victoria but lost everything due to poor investments and lack of knowledge.” He is currently waiting to hear if he will receive his pension from the government as he just recently returned to Canada, after living for 2 years in Mexico with his ailing mom.
While traveling back to Canada, he had an accident that pinned him between 2 vans that he was towing. His knees were severely injured; but they have improved greatly. Since that time he has been living in his car, but says, “I am very grateful to be living in Next Steps. I feel very lucky. I really enjoy being with people and helping others. That is what makes me happy.” It would also make him happy if he could start a small business again or even get involved in doing some translation from Spanish to English. Although, he likes construction work, he is unable to do so, since the accident.
I found Rafael a pleasure to visit with. He seemed very knowledgable about many things and says that he loves learning and researching things. When I asked him what he would do if he had unlimited resources, he said, “I would like to enhance people’s awareness of a need or a want. A want is not necessarily a need. If people could learn to discern between the two, then people could take care of themselves.” He would like to help people find balance; then they would be okay.

Christmas Wish List
Gift Card for a bookstore
External Hard drive for a PC or Memory Sticks
Anything to do with electronics

Wish List
  • gift card for book store

  • External hard drive for PC

  • electronics

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