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I am originally from Regina SK. I have also lived in Albert and the Yukon. Being homeless is stressful and confusing. I lost my job, my possessions and home. I found myself on the street in Edmonton the first time I experienced homelessness. This was due to a drinking problem which was at the time a means to cope with my depression and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I was 35 years old at the time. I have worked mostly in retail/security in a supervisor/manager position. I have also worked as a shipper-receiver, ESL/English tutor and in film production. I enjoyed being a shipper/receiver and working in film production. I would like to run my own photography studio. I think the things that contributed most to my homelessness was depression, physical health deterioration and years of alcoholism. The hardest part of my life is dealing with PTSD from witnessing the violent deaths of my uncle, best friend in high-school and most recently my wife. What makes me happy is the good relationships and some stability. Right now improved living conditions are going well for me. If I had unlimited resources I would like to update and add to the photography equipment I currently have with the intent of opening my own studio. I have plenty of people at my church praying for me already. I would ask that people pray for the lost souls still suffering on the street trapped in addiction. On a scale of 1-10 my happiness is around a 5.

Wish List
  • Footwear - Size 9

  • Socks - Size 9

  • Underwear - Medium

Howard House
Vernon, British Columbia

The John Howard Society began offering services to men and women in Okanagan in 1957. Originally based out of Kelowna the Society grew over the years, eventually providing services throughout the Okanagan, the Thompson region and the Kootneys.
The Gateway Men's Shelter provides men emergency shelter in the downtown core area of Vernon to the absolute homeless who may be suffering from economic downturn, illiteracy, addictions or mental health challenges.

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