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Shelby is a 12 year old girl who has lived her whole life in Regina. Her favourite things to do are reading science fiction books, drawing, and learning French. Shelby is a skillful artist, and is also talented at sports, such as skateboarding. Shelby doesn't feel like she's facing any major challenges right now, and she looks with hope to the future, when she plans to be someone who helps and leads others. For Christmas, Shelby would like some cosmetics and hair products, as well as drawing supplies and board games.

Wish List
  • Cosmetics/Hair Products

  • Drawing Supplies

  • Board Games

Shayil Home (Souls Harbour Rescue Mission)
Regina, Saskatchewan

This program is for anyone suffering from life-controlling problems such as drug or alcohol abuse, joblessness, homelessness, mental illness, emotional breakdown, gambling, and more. This is a long-term program designed to gradually help people work toward greater health and independence.

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