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Kenton spent some time in Alberta but is from Regina. Kenton is working hard and lives by 3 p's: Patience, positivity and perseverance. He is looking for healthy outlets to help him not return to a lifestyle of addictions. He watches motivational videos and enjoys video games and cooking. Kenton describes himself as a good listener and is good with people. He quit smoking and addictions and is trying to stay that way. He struggles with arthritis and also anxiety and depression but is getting help for this. He is working to get his business degree and go into sales and is trying to get his drivers license.

Wish List
  • Gym membership

  • MS Office 365 (for his computer for school)

  • School Supplies (binders, paper, pens, pencils, computer bag, clipboard, etc.)

Phoenix Homes
Regina, Saskatchewan

Phoenix HOMES is a Housing First program that works with individuals who are chronically homeless to help them get off the streets and into permanent, stable housing. Once in housing, the team works with the individuals using a myriad of supports and services to assist in maintaining housing and improving their quality of life.

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