Walton Hotel
Vancouver, British Columbia

The Walton hotel includes 48 supportive permanent units located at 261 E. Hastings Street. Donations are a simple way to have direct impact in the life of someone who is homeless.

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Drop off Locations:
  • Walton Hotel, 261 East Hasting , Wrapping instructions: Please include the name, ID# (Assigned ID), a description of the gift, the size of the gift, and name of the shelter. Dropoff Details: Please have the following: -gift labeled with first name and last initial -what the item is on the back of the gift tag -separate any personal letters or notes. Shelter address: Walton Hotel - Vancouver, 261 East Hastings Street, Vancouver. Phone: 604-688-9129
  • Powell Street Getaway, 528 Powell Street , Powell St Getaway, 528 Powell St, Vancouver , The Drop In is open from 9am to 9pm 7 days a week. Please ask for a staff member and let them know it's for Christmas. Phone 604-255-7026 for more details. Please make sure to label your present with the Name and Assigned ID#. A description of the present should be kept separate from any personal notes or cards you wish to include with the present.





Pledged Gifts

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I was born in North Vancouver adn have lived in Vancouver all my life.
i've been working for United We Can for about five years out side in the rain and snow. I really like working outside meeting different people all the time.
I know what contributed to my difficulties - Drugs - When my husband died he was selling drugs, I just kept doing cocaine then my family started dying. I just kept doing drugs to hide my pain. The last person died May 15, 2016 - my mother. I've signed up for conselling after Christmas.
What makes me happy is helping people I don't know. Especially older people. Helping them by talking and walking just listening to them they share.
I would like to work in a retirement home with older people. Read to people if there sick and help them.
I would be happy to have a special Christmas.

Wish List
  • warm footear size 8 female

  • Phone card - Chater

  • A ham or Turkey to cook

I am from Saskatchewan, and the first time I slept out it was so cold!
I used to drive truck for a living, but I have a Bipolar mental illness. Some days are very difficult.
I'm happy to have good friends (two of them) and exercise makes me happy.
If I could have anything I would just settle down., live near Stanley park, in Vancouver.
Pray that I feel serenity and love.

Wish List
  • #1 warm foot wear size 10 mens - very important**

  • Jeans, size 34 - 34, blue or black

  • bus tickets for bus in cold weather