Rock Bay Landing
Victoria, British Columbia

The Victoria Cool Aid Society builds homes, lives and community. We create opportunities for people who are homeless or living in poverty. We make a difference through housing, health care, support and emergency shelters

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  • Rock Bay Landing, 535 Ellice Street, Victoria , Please drop off all gifts at the Rock Bay Landing shelter, 535 Ellice Street, Victoria (250-383-1951,, open 24 hours a day. Just let them know that it is for Homeless Partners. We need all gifts by noon on December 22nd at the latest. Please ensure gifts are labeled with the Assigned ID (that is posted with that individual).





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Sal is of Italian descent and originates from Brandon Manitoba. He is a carpenter who is between jobs. He had his carpentry tools stolen and finds it hard to be employed without them. He
likes to work and be self sufficient and finds it hard to be in a homeless shelter. He prefers to help out others by serving meals when he can. Sal states he has a problem with alcohol and drugs and missed receiving his Christmas gifts last year. The services he has the most difficulty finding are internet access and help with resume writing. He would like assistance in finding a full time job, not temp jobs. He also would like more access to medical care as he finds it difficult to see a doctor when ill.
Sal's Christmas wishes are for a carpentry apron, work boots, dental work and a bus pass.

Wish List

Eric has been sleeping out for 31/2 months. He is from Quebec and is well educated. He worked as a Special Ed worker and has worked in schools and with the elderly. He also has a Class One Drivers license. He just arrived in Victoria from Lilluit. He feels he has been called to do God's work now and let's God direct his life and the path he takes. He has given up the need for financial stability as he feels money creates pride and not listening to the will of God. He states he just wants to help others as the spirit tells him.
Eric's greatest need at present is just for shelter.
His Christmas wish is for a cell phone and feels God will provide all else as necessary.

Wish List

Jerome's dream would be to have enough food to eat every day. He takes good care of himself. He finds his biggest challenges are coping with people and day-to-day life. He would love to be able to have a home. He is very soft-spoken. He used to do janitorial work of any kind. He finds sleeping outside to be very very cold and has been doing this for around two years. "Having enough to eat is my biggest concern." Jerome's only Christmas wish is to have a grocery card.

Wish List
  • grocery card

Isabel identifies with the Portuguese culture and her first language is Portuguese. She grew up here in Victoria and is currently working part-time as a special needs worker. Isabel has not gotten over a divorce that happened in her life and finds being without her husband makes her unhappy. She does enjoy going to church and says that lift's her up. Isabel loves knitting. She would love to make slippers and hats. For Christmas she would love a dress, a warm winter coat, or a phone card

Wish List

Jazzelynn's strength is very apparent as soon as you meet her. In her young life of 33 years, she has been on the streets for approximately 15 of them. Jazzelynn's dream is to return to school and gain work experience as a drug and alcohol youth counsellor or health care aide; she cares greatly for people. Jazzelynn's day is brightened by her boyfriend Al who makes her smile and helps her with her daily life. Jazzelynn has asked for some warm footwear sized 5 1/2 womens, some bus tickets and would greatly benefit from a Fido SIM card for her cellphone.

Wish List

Fiona is a 55 year old, articulate woman who originally hails from Scotland. Fiona loves to bake, cook, make crafts and art but struggles with multiple mental health diagnoses as well as physical barriers. One of Fiona's biggest struggles is with hoarding. She has asked for help with moving the contents of a storage unit in Nanaimo to one in Victoria. She is also concerned about her health while using her cellphone and has asked for a bluetooth device for her Samsung cellphone. She has also asked for a pair of warm boots sized 11 women's.

Wish List
  • blue tooth device for samsung cell phone

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  • pair of warm boots sized 11 women's.

This is a 62 year old French Canadian, originally from Montreal. He has three grown children back in Quebec. He has been homeless for 18 months now. He is on disability from the Canadian Air Fore. He had problems with drugs in the past but has been drug free for 10 years. He feels fortunate to be in a shelter and tries to pay back by cleaning and mopping the floor daily. He hopes to get his health back. He asked that people would pray for him that he would continue to improve as a person.

Wish List

This is a 27 year old young woman who has been living out for 9 months. Her first experience with being on her on was at age 12. She is from Victoria and loves having her friends around. The most difficult thing in her life is being homeless. She would like prayers for her that she is able to find a home.
She could use some things for Christmas:

Wish List

Originally from Ottawa, this 43 year old Canadian moved to the coast as a young child. What he feels he needs most is food and shelter. He was first kicked out of his home at the age of 12 when caught smoking pot. It was a scary experience for him. He has been homeless off and on since that time, but is most recently homeless since being released from prison.
Most of his work experience has been in construction, doing drywall and roofing. There were also some jobs in restaurants; food prep and cooking. Construction was his preference, but if he could, he would most like to join the army. He feels that what has hurt him the most in the past, was hanging out with people who were a bad influence on him, the criminal element. The hardest part of his life is trying to get off of drugs.
When asked what makes him happy, he responded, “It’s been so long, I don’t know. I’m alive-I guess that’s something.” On the up side, he is pleased to have made some friends, who though down on their luck right now, are not criminals.
What he would most like to do: “Find a girlfriend and settle down; have a normal life, you know, work, play golf on the weekends, that kind of stuff.”
He would appreciate others praying for him to be able to beat his drug addiction.

Gifts that he would most appreciate:
-hoodies or long-sleeved shirts in black or red, size large
-a phone card that he can use on a Virgin plan.

Wish List

This is a 39 year old Dakota nation man originally from Winnipeg. He is “always on the move.” His work has been construction. He describes his first night being homeless two months ago as a “life transition.” He feels happy with good friends. If he had unlimited resources, he would help his family and children; reinvest money for the family.

Wish List

This is a 29 year old white male originally from Calgary. He says the first night being homeless two weeks ago was “very scary.” His greatest challenges are lack of finances and getting temporary work. He feels happy when he can work out in the gym. He said that everyday he has to come up with a plan in order to get ahead. He is a carpenter by trade, and he started work last week. If he had resources he would open a treatment centre for addicts. He would like prayers. He is very happy about the charities and volunteers work that Homeless Partners does in the community.

Wish List

Don, aged 64 now, is a white man of German-Irish background with a mother tongue of English. He has been a businessman all his working life in the hotel industry.
Growing up in Toronto (later in Thunder Bay, Ontario) and raised in a loving, Baptist family, they all attended church as a regular part of life. Now no longer outwardly observing religious practice, he keeps a copy of the “Desiderata” as an inner reminder to, “stay true to myself.”
His father ran a hotel, so Don was brought up in that industry and when his father retired, he took over its management. Later in partnership with two others, a hotel was purchased. Eventually Don was able to buy them out. He became a long time member of the Ontario Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Association and at one time its Director.
Married with four children, Don’s family life changed with an unexpected divorce. He said he “lost everything” and was bankrupt after about twenty-five years in the hotel industry. He later moved to Victoria.
He has found it difficult to find permanent, long-term work because many jobs today are only part-time and short term. However, he has demonstrated a willingness to travel to wherever work may be found. Recently he took the bus from Victoria to Lantzville to apply for work in an up-Island pub. It was a long day’s journey there and back but he said he met some nice people and is hopeful. He appears to be an affable man, has an easy manner and a good sense of humor. He says his children are still in contact with him and come to visit when they can. One senses that he is not only looking for employment, but for community.
Don has currently been homeless for about two months and cites the lack of stable housing as an on-going problem. Also the cost of bus transportation - both locally and further afield – becomes a real obstacle to attending employment interviews.
He would love to reconnect with his childhood friend, Cathy Cordona (her father’s name was Ralph and they lived on Dixon Road, Etobicoke, Ontario.) He gives
Homelesspartners an 8.
CHRISTMAS WISH LIST: Warm winter footwear, Men’s size 9 wide. A year’s bus pass for Victoria would be very much appreciated. Also an over-the-shoulder briefcase with a “good pen.”

Wish List

Chris, from Saskatchewan, now aged 38 has been homeless off-and-on for about ten years. He speaks English but does not know his ethnic/cultural background as he was adopted when young. The adopting family was an abusive one. He mentioned having several sisters and being protective of them.
Early involvement with drugs caused trouble at home, so by 18 he was sleeping out. He said these first experiences were “very scary, very disconcerting” and it took him a long time before he could sleep properly because fearful of those around him.
Chris has experienced of all sorts of employment: warehousing, security, bar bouncer, also as a commercial boat mechanic and, worked for a year with H&R block doing taxes. At some point during these early years he was an Army Reservist.
He really enjoyed being a mechanic and more recently, after a struggle to gain funding, has managed to finish all course work for a Commercial Boat Mechanic’s ticket. He really wants to find employment: to work with his hands and to create a positive life for himself.
Having overcome addiction through therapy, he feels he has made positive steps to getting ahead, has faced much within himself and is moving forward. However, from life experience he knows that getting a job and keeping it, is very hard to accomplish without “stable housing.” Housing and employment are his top priorities. The two are intertwined. Without a fixed address and references, without a clean, presentable appearance, employment possibilities are limited. Without the same requirements PLUS the necessary dollars to meet high rental rates (at a time of low rental availability) stable housing appears unreachable.
Chris, who is not religious, knows that he cannot get an “immediate fix” for his problems in life or to circumstances that can arise. He acknowledged that, “Everyone has problems.” Working on his own “impatience”, taking things one-step at a time, believing improvement is possible, are his supports.
His dream would be to have country property, to build a greenhouse, travel. What he would want for other homeless people would be adequate accommodation for all where they could stay for a year; “time to get their feet under them.”

CHRISTMAS WISHLIST: XL Men’s sweater or hoody (no zipper) any color but not white! A set of ultra-fine-tipped colored felt pens OR a gift card so he can buy his own art supplies, books or movies.

Wish List
  • Men's sweater or hoodie no zipper (not white)

This 60 years old man is originally from Northern Quebec, he lived all over Canada and some years in Europe. He has been living in a shelter in Calgary for the most part of the last ten years. He came here in Victoria to find work last month because of the weather in Calgary.
He has been homeless on and off for approximately 40 years. He said the first time he had to sleep outside was overwhelming.
He stated that, “I think what contributed to me being homeless is the side effect of my upbringing. My mother raised me alone. I have revenge feeling towards my father and I think I’m so focused on that. He passed away already, and I feel like there is no closure. He stated that. “I’m happy when others are happy it shows that everything is going well with that person”.
He said that if he has unlimited resources he will buy a nice piece of land, grow food to be self-sufficient and have people live there. For people to have a private area to if they want privacy and privacy to bathe and common area for people to gather around when they want company and spend time with friends. He stated he will make it a small town where he and others who needs it could live in comfortable houses and have space.

Wish List

This 33 year old man is originally from Interior BC. He has been homeless for six and a half months. He said that staying positive is his greatest challenge for now as he is going through a lot medically while also dealing with homelessness.
He said that the first night he was homeless he finds it very depressing and made him realize what he lost.
He stated that when you become homeless, you become statistics, it’s hard and very frustrating to find a place, nobody wants to rent to you when they knew that you were homeless.
He stated that what contributed to him being homeless is high rent market and said that he did not learn money management. He said that before he always worked, he worked as a furniture mover and also work in the kitchen.
He stated that. “I’m happy when I’m in the kitchen.”
He said that if he has unlimited resources he would like to go back to school.
He would like prayers for him to be able to go back to school and for the world to experience peace.
He would like to contact his father, Randy Hennig, last time he knew he lives in Richmond, BC


Clothing: Large black sweater for male, underwear, thermal size medium for male. Black
snowboarding gloves
Food: Overwaitea and Save on Mose

Wish List

Bert is a 60 year old male who has found himself grateful to be in a shelter for the last 41/2 months after having difficulties finding a place to stay to keep off the streets.
He grew up in Deerlake, Newfoundland and enjoyed travelling and eventually moved to Prince Rupert, where he used to golf every day. He was an ironworker and became divorced when his daughter turned 4 years old. Heavy duty welding became too difficult for him to manage physically. He has increasing health difficulties and found the iron work was hard on his body. He has chronic back and hip pain and now requires the use of a cane. He would like to be able to do work that will be easier for him to do, such as computer work. He recently purchased a lap top from a pawn shop and is hoping to receive training in computers. He feels that alcohol has contributed most to the difficulties in his life and would like prayer that this would no longer be a temptation for him, and that he would not get caught up in the drugs that is prevalent around him. His daughter, who lives in Langley is the joy of his life.
“She is the best thing that ever happened to me.” He is very proud of her and would love to reconnect with her. If he had unlimited resources, he says, “ I would be on the giving list.”

Wish List

Deanna is a 51 year old female from Seattle. She suffered a workplace injury at a waste management recycling company that left her with severe disabilities from a crushed spine. Since she did not have a unionized position, she was left to care for her own medical expenses and inability to work. She has a medical dog with her at all times to assist her to reach items that she cannot.
She came to BC to be closer to family and hopefully find housing, but has been unsuccessful due to the high cost of housing here and long wait lists for subsidized housing. She has goals of doing business administration work and if she had unlimited resources, she has a dream of building a shelter for
troubled young boys to work with dogs to help them heal from emotional burdens. She has 2 boys who are grown that brings her the most joy in her life. She would like others to pray about her health for her. She would love to reconnect with an aunt in Kelowna. She does not have
any addictions and feels like there are less services available to her because of this.
Her Christmas Wish List is: Warm Footwear, size 8.5 (w), female, XL female winter coat, BC Transit bus tickets.

Wish List

Courteney has been in and out of shelters for the past two years. The first time that she slept out she was 23 years old. She said it was “cold and freaky”.
Courteney is from Victoria and has had jobs in fast food outlets and in construction. Getting into drugs has contributed to her present difficulties. She said that nothing is going well for her at the moment.
She would very much like to find work and would like to finish her schooling. If she were ever in a situation where she had unlimited resources, she would purchase a house and help everyone.
Courtenay has lost contact with her father and would love to know where he is. His name is Maurice (Bill) William Jennings.
Courtenay would appreciate a gift certificate for clothing and also a gift certificate for food.

Wish List

Amanda came to Victoria from McKenzie and Vancouver to be with her boyfriend, then that relationship ended. She ended up sleeping outside. It was very frightening to her as she was all alone. She has now been in shelters for several months.
Amanda has experience working in construction and operating heavy equipment. She finds it almost impossible to find work as when you tell people you live at Rock Bay they do not want to hire you.
Amanda did say that she does not struggle with addictions.
She is thankful that she has met some good people. If she had unlimited resources she should help people and build affordable housing.
Her wish for prayers is that she will find affordable housing and a job.
For gifts she would like a gift certificate for food and a cell phone as her current one is broken.

Wish List
  • Gift certificate for food

  • Cell phone (current one she has is broken)

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Born and raised in Victoria, Chris, 28, is a positive, chatty and amiable young fellow with a winning attitude. One can easily imagine conversing with him on an array of subjects over a coffee, or in our case, candy canes.

Before falling on hard times relatively recently, Chris worked in a wide variety of jobs: as a waiter in town and traveling around the country as a sales manager. His social skills and clear leadership ability no doubt served him well in those positions - until addictions got the better of him. He knows he needs detox and is hoping this can be scheduled soon. He understands this will be foundational in getting work and longer-term shelter.

Optimistic about his future and his dreams of setting up his business one day, Chris tells us: “I had a good life prior to this. I have a lot of potential.” He hopes people will pray for him to “figure it out."

This Christmas, he would be grateful for a warm black or grey hoody (or sweater), size 10 runners and / or a black backpack - with a touch of red on it, if possible, so he can tell it apart from others.

Wish List

Michael, 53, prefers to go by the name “Cowboy” and talking to him we understand why - he’s spent most of his life working rodeos across the country and loves the outdoors: fly fishing and snow shoeing.

On and off the streets since he was 25, Michael struggled with alcohol and drug problems. His most pressing need is housing. When he’s on his feet again, he’d like to volunteer anonymously in shelters.

This Christmas he’d love -- you guessed it! -- cowboy boots (size 9) to replace the well worn ones he wears with pride and nostalgia. Because of lost teeth, he’d also enjoy a treat of soft foods like cheeses or oysters; and/or a grocery card for Save-On or Walmart.

Wish List

Josh, a Métis from Nova Scotia has, due to a rough home environment, been in countless foster homes and on and off the street since the age of the 13. Now 38, he suffers from a long string of ailments – PTSD, ADD, HIV, arthritis.

Despite his emotional and physical pain, he has aspirations of receiving training, having a place where he can settle down and do things that make him happy, such as back country skiing and picking wild edible mushrooms. Josh asks people to pray for his health and longs to see his adoptive mother.

For Christmas he would like a second-hand laptop (to assist him in writing his memoir and with job searches), a dark pair of size 7 hiking boots, and/or gift cards to Chapters or Tim Hortons.

Wish List

This gentleman is 55 years old and was born in Toronto, but his mother tongue is Italian. He lived in Toronto with his mother until he was forced to leave because he did not get along with his sister and as he put it, “Someone had to leave.” It saddens him that he has not been home in a while. When his dad died, he couldn’t afford to go to his funeral due to lack of funds.
He has been homeless for about 10 months and would desperately like to have a place to call home, even if it is just a room. He is willing to share accommodation with someone; but with his meagre pension, even that is unavailable to him. He finds that he stays awake the nights he is unable to be in a shelter and this is taking a toll on his health.
He has worked in the past as a baker and a driver of small trucks and vans. Unfortunately lifting 50lb. bags of flour over the years has contributed to his current problem of severe back pain and sciatica, for which he is on constant pain medication. He needs an operation on his stomach; but as he has no place in which to recuperate, he is unable to have it at this time. In his own words, “Nothing is going well for me!” When asked what he would do if he had unlimited resources, he said, “I would buy skates and all kinds of equipment for kids and reopen gyms that have been closed to them. They need a good place to hang out and it shouldn’t be on the streets.” Joe doesn’t want much and his only prayer request was that people take care of themselves.

Wish List
Bus transportation pass or tickets
Food: Turkey

Wish List

Jamie is 48 yrs. old and was born in Victoria. She and her partner were evicted due to unfortunate circumstances and she has been homeless for about a year now. She slept in her car for many nights but no longer has it. It was towed away and she couldn’t afford to get it back. It has since been auctioned.
Jamie was a home care aide and thoroughly enjoyed her work. She would like to go back to it, but it is almost impossible without a home base. The main difficulty she faces in trying to find housing is her dog, Suzie, who is a pit bull. She is thankful that the shelters allow her to have her dog but it is so hard for her to not have a place to call home.
However, Jamie is willing to stay homeless for as long as it takes, because “giving away my dog is not an option. I had a home when I got her, so it wasn’t an issue, but now it is almost impossible. People that will allow dogs say that it must be under 20 lbs. and Suzie is 80 lbs.”
If she had unlimited resources, she would like to buy a house and help other people out, that are in the same situation.
She would like people to pray that “someone would take a chance with me and my dog and give us a place to live”.

Wish List
Gift Card at a mall
Food: shortbread cookies, or mincemeat treats

Wish List

Roy has been living in Victoria for a year and a half. After having knee surgery, he and his wife had been living in their van. The van has been impounded and they had to turn to the shelter for a place to stay. Before he lost the van, he had been collecting and bottles and scrap metal to make ends meet. Roy hopes to be employed again someday so he can have a roof over his head and food in the cupboard. His dream is to someday own his own powerwashing business. Roy’s wish for Christmas is a gift card to a restaurant like The Keg so he can take his wife out for a nice dinner.

Roy’s Christmas Wish List
Gift card for a restaurant
A laptop or a cell phone

Wish List

Before coming to Victoria, Debbie lived in Ontario and Alberta. Until recently, she and her husband have been living in their van. She has three adult children and is grateful to still have internet contact with them. Unfortunately, she no longer has the power cord for her laptop, so it’s difficult for her to go online. Debbie has been having health problems, but she would like to work and hopes to get work as a housekeeper. Her dream is to live in her own someday.

Debbie’s Christmas Wish List
Winners gift card
Cell phone
Charging cord for a Toshiba laptop

Wish List

Shirley is a very happy person and loves to help people. She was born in Toronto and has worked in restaurants and hotels. She is currently on disability because of blindness in her eye. She is unable to see properly in order to do the work she likes to do. She says: " It has caused me a lot of grief." Shirley lost her job when the hotel she was working at was sold to another company and everyone was laid off. If she could work, she would love to go back to hotel work. Sleeping outside on the street has been a very scary experience but she is so grateful to have finally found a place to move into on December 1. Shirley would love to have a bus pass, food to eat like meet, vegetables and potatoes and she would love to have a PlayStation

Wish List

Harlan grew up in Grand Prairie, Alberta. He spent his life working in the oil industry. When thatwent bad he found he had not saved enough money to take care of himself. He has come out toVictoria to find work. He has a full-time job doing construction. Harlan's goal is to save enough money to live on his own and is so grateful to have found a place for to move into on December 1. He says, "this is my first experience in this situation and it has been a really long one. Expensive housing makes it hard to move out of the shelter." His goal is to save money and eventually go to school and become a journeyman carpenter. For Christmas he would love to have a warm winter coat underwear and socks.

Wish List

James loves art, positive people and being healthy. He's very friendly and modest and has his own sense of style. He is grateful to wake up every day and be alive. He has had many jobs in his past such as drywalling, demolition, landscaping and has worked as a cook. He finds his experience with sleeping outside or in shelters to be very stressful. James is trying to find his path and what he should do with his life next. He finds drugs and alcohol can be the biggest obstacles in his life. He grew up in Ontario that really likes the nature and weather here in Victoria. For Christmas he would love to have a warm winter coat and a portable heater.

Wish List
  • warm winter coat size Large

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  • warm footwear Size 12

  • Portable heater

This is a 54 year old man from Victoria. He lost the rental room that he lived in and is trying to move back into it. He has been in shelters for a year now. He has worked as a painter and furniture mover and is now on disability. He likes to keep busy and just would love to have a home to live in and pay his bills, just a normal life. He asked that people pray for him that he will do well in the future.
He could use some things for Christmas:

Wish List

This 37 years old caucasian man is originally from Kingston, Ontario. He has been homeless for a week. He said he just finish a 6 months program to stay sober, and came back out and has no place to stay. The hardest thing that he’s experiencing right now is not able to be with his family, and finding continual support to stay clean and sober.

When asked what contributed to his homelessness, he said, “ I don’t know.... when we get back here in Victoria 2 years ago from Ottawa, for some reason I went to downtown and tried all these weird drugs for the first time in my life.”

When ask what they we’re doing in Ottawa, he said that four years ago one of his son was diagnosed with cancer and the family has to move to Ottawa for him to get treatment and finally 2 years ago he was cleared of Cancer and they moved back here in Victoria.

He said that the first night he was homeless he said that it was scary and he feels alone.

What made him happy last week was able to put his kids to bed. His wife and kids made him happy. He stated that he worked for the labour union before and he’s happy doing dry walling job. He said that if he has unlimited resources, he would get clean and stay clean. He would like prayers for him to be able to be the Dad that he always wanted to be, that he has been. He would like to get into contact with his dad, whose called Donny and that all he knows.
Any kind clothes for his kids; ages: 14, 13 and 7 all boys. Also toys/games for them.
Clothes for his 2 1/2 year old daughter and also a toy called Power Wheels for her.
He has no wish for himself.

Wish List
  • clothes for kids ages 14,13,7,2

  • toys for kids ages 14,13,7,2

  • power wheels for 2 year old

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A more cheerful and engaging guy, you could not hope to meet than this 48 year old Caucasian male, originally from Nova Scotia, who has been homeless for about 2 years, but has been living in Transition housing at Rock Bay Landing for a year now. He was first homeless about 12 years ago, when his marriage broke up. He then moved away for work, but when his wife and child were moving overseas, he came back to visit before they left. Though of Danish heritage, he speaks only English.
His exciting and fulfilling career in fine cuisine was cut short about 2 years ago by yet another cancer diagnosis, in spite of which he sees himself as a survivor, having beaten 6 kinds of cancer in the last 12 years. He was between chemo treatments when we talked, and has 2 kinds of active cancer going at the moment.
Since he won’t have the stamina to go back to cooking for a living, he would love to be a buyer with a focus on seafood, for a major company like Sisco.
The hardest thing for him is not just his health, but the uncertainty of the future. He finds it depressing to spend too much time in the shelter, since he is surrounded by people who are struggling. To keep busy, he loves to do crafts and sometimes he cooks something he can’t even eat, just to show off a bit and get some positive attention.
The thing that gives him the most joy is hearing from his now 12 year-old daughter, or from his parents who still live in Nova Scotia. Because of his cancer, he especially appreciates waking up to a day where he feels good. He is also proud of the fact that he has given up drinking almost completely, since the cancer was so hard on his liver.
His fondest dream is to fish every day-and to be assured that his parents are well-taken care of, in their old age. He does not expect to live a long life, so he worries a bit about that. He knows his daughter will be well-cared for, so there is no concern there.
For those who wish to pray for him, please focus on his health. He has beaten the odds so far, and hopes to continue to do so.
He has worked with homelesspartners in the past and rates his experience as an 8 or 9.
Gifts that would be appreciated:
-Walmart gift Card : “I can buy something for my daughter here, and she can go pick it up at a Walmart near her home.”
-Save on Foods Card: “So I can buy the special foods I have to eat that aren’t served at the homeless shelter cafeteria.”
-Gift cards from Rona, Home Depot or Dollar store where I can buy craft supplies. I need to be busy, and crafts allow me to keep from going crazy. In fact items for crafts, like felt pens, paints, brushes or old broken or used costume jewelry, would be really great.

Wish List
  • gift card from Rona, Home depot or Dollar store

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  • craft items: pens, paints, brushes,

  • old broken jewlery

This 35 year old Métis woman who has always lived in Victoria, has recently become homeless but has been homeless in the past as well. Finding housing and employment is made more difficult by her undiagnosed but very real challenge in dealing with mental health and cognitive issues. She feels that her mental health issues and the lack of services in dealing with them, have been her greatest source of difficulty in life.
Her children are living with a family member, which is very difficult for her, but she understands the need for it, both for her own sake and for theirs. Because she is now homeless, her cat is living at a friend’s house-another loss. Both her cat and her children bring her joy.
Past work experience includes restaurant and cafeteria work, but her preference would be to have a job at Guess, as she loves their clothes. A dream job for this caring and friendly woman, would be to serve the street people of Victoria, helping them to connect with the resources they need. From the time she was a youth, she has been “hanging out downtown with street people and is comfortable with that scene”. In fact her first sleeping out experience was at the age of 14 when she ran away from a foster home and slept behind a downtown church with others.
It was very difficult for her to imagine what she would do, if she had unlimited means. After a moment she said she would go shopping, take a vacation and then “pay it forward”. She then talked of a time she wanted to show her gratitude for the assistance provided at a shelter, and chose to purchase two new toasters for their cafeteria.
She has asked that we pray that she will be able to figure her life out and get her ‘act together’ so she can get her kids back.

Gifts that she would like to receive:
-gift card from Guess – her favourite store
-gift card for a nail treatment – her nails are lovely

Wish List
  • gift card from Guess

  • gift card for nail treatment

  • ipod

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This 36 year old Caucasian woman who has been homeless for about 2 ½ years, presents herself very well. She is well-groomed and dressed attractively. You would never know that she is living on the street.
She has worked in fields as diverse as nursing and waitressing/bartending. Because of her interest in health, she would love to train in kinesiology or as a Registered Massage Therapist. She loves to work out, is fascinated by how the brain works and is interested in all things that build health.
If she had unlimited funds, she would get more education in the health field. She would also like to invent something for boosting people’s health. (Think juice)
The thing that contributed the most to her difficulties is her drug addiction. Hence the main choice she selected for something that others could pray for, on her behalf, is that she will make wiser choices.
Gifts that would be appreciated:
-a backpack
-a warm blanket

Wish List

Ron is originally from England. He found himself homeless at age 50 due to a sudden eviction. He said it was horrible, a total shock. It was bad weather and he had to set up a shelter. He almost died. Alcohol is the biggest factor in terms of what's contributed to the difficulties in his life and the hardest thing for him has been trying to get back into shape and exercise since getting out of the hospital. Ron has been a taxi driver, a welder, and has delivered newspapers in the past and would like to do more newspaper delivery. What makes him happy is being inside, being fed, and listening to the CBC. Things are going well with family. If he had unlimited resources, he'd like to see everyone get $1000/month guaranteed income. He would appreciate prayers for his health and he would like to reconnect with his ex wife in Comox.
His wish list includes an apartment-sized washing machine, a warm winter coat (size XL), a backpack, and long underwear (size L). He also enjoys egg nog for Christmas.

Wish List

Tony is originally from Edmonton. He first found himself on the streets at 11 years old due to things being bad at home and getting beaten. He says having a big heart for people is what has contributed most to his difficulties in life. What makes him happy is making somebody else happy and he enjoys the friendships he has in his life. If he had unlimited resources, he would give it all away to other people. The hardest part for him is having his kids being away from him. Tony has done construction jobs in the past and is into masonry. He would appreciate prayers for good health.
His wish list includes warm footwear (men's size 9.5), new jeans (size 32, blue), and a backpack.

Wish List
  • warm foot wear Men's size 9.5

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  • new jeans( size 32 blue)

  • backpack

Andrew is from Langford and first found himself on the streets around 15-16 years old due to not abiding by his parents' rules. He grew up in foster care and group homes. Addiction has been the biggest factor in terms of the difficulties he's faced in his life and the hardest part is trying to explain his circumstances to his boys. Andrew is a certified red seal steel framer/drywaller and would like to do more of this type of work. Unfortunately, all of his tools got stolen out of the storage space while he was at the shelter. He would appreciate prayers for his family, as that and his kids are what makes him happy. If he could reconnect with a long lost friend or loved one, it would be Lisa Wolfe from Chilliwack. (He said she might be under the name Wolfe Tips on Facebook, but I couldn't find her).
His wish list is for some new work clothes (size 34 pants and large shirts).

Wish List
  • new work clothes (size 34 pants)

  • large shirts

Chantal is from Victoria and was kicked out of her parents' house when she was 14. She said it was a very scary experience. Being born with FAS has been the biggest factor in terms of the difficulties she's faced in her life and being homeless is the most difficult part of her life. Her past work history includes doing home maintenance and exterior residential detailing. If Chantal had unlimited resources, her dream would be to buy a house and provide a foster home for dogs. Hanging out with her kids is what makes her happy and she appreciates prayers for her to stay well, for her kids to be okay and have a safe journey.
Her wish list is for a blanket, a gas card, and a Wal-Mart card and she would enjoy some fresh fruit.

Wish List

Edward is Metis, age 49, originally from Vancouver, and has been homeless off-and-on for 4 years. Alcohol has been the cause of a lot of his difficulties and he has attended AA and other rehabilitation services. Currently he is doing well. Says he has, “The best girlfriend who doesn’t drink, so that helps him not to drink.”
In the past he has worked as a mechanic, a certified tire technician, has driven rigs and done construction but he likes driving truck best because he is “running his own show.” Currently he is working in the deep-freeze section of Thrifty’s Kitchens. “It is very cold work.” Said his girlfriend, who also works for Thriftys, “got him” the job.
As with all other homeless people interviewed, he cites housing as the service most needed and the most difficult to obtain for all the known reasons and causes! Edward has offered to work with any group trying to better understand the most effective means of helping homeless people. He also indicated he was willing to speak with the Media.
Said he was 45 years old when first homeless and sleeping out. He was very scared, afraid of the “unknown” and feeling “alone.” He appears to have lost connection with his family or has given up on them because they were, “not helping him out.”
However, he also indicated he is self-reliant, “doesn’t want to ask for help; I can work things out myself.”
He said he is not interested in reconnecting with anyone from his past. Indicated that many of the homeless at Rock Bay are now “his family and friends.” Always stays at Rock Bay Landing because it is where it feels most “like home and safe.”
“Doesn’t like everyone he meets there, but that’s life. Stay away from them and connect with the others. ”
If he had unlimited resources, he would “build a big shelter for the homeless that was a block long - would house everyone. It would be an investment in people.”
CHRISTMAS WISH LIST: Men’s, size 8 ½ warm footwear; Med. Size warm winter coat; Med. Size jacket in black only….and hat, gloves and scarf.
(These things he definitely needs or he wont last, working in the deep-freeze at Thriftys!) Also, he only has one thin cotton-looking jacket and it is not good enough for current temperatures and rain.

Needs a backpack and S-M men’s thermal underwear. Would like a phone card and a year’s pass for Victoria Transit. Above all, he would like a package of “smoked Almonds.” (Perhaps he meant roasted ones?)

Wish List
  • Backpack

  • Men's size 8 1/2 warm footwear

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  • Men's size M warm winter coat, black jacket, hat, gloves, scarf

    Pledge This Gift
  • S-M Men's thermal underwear for work

This 45 years old lady is originally from Saskatchewan. She has been homeless for six months. She said that the first night that she had to sleep outside she felt shock and disbelief. She said that this is the very first time she experience being homeless. She said that she has always worked and managed to have a place to stay.
She stated that, “ I’m in this situation because my work is far from where I live so six months ago I decided to move closer to work. I gave my landlord my notice to vacate and started to look for my new place. The rents are so high and there are few available apartments and they have waiting lists. I went back to my landlord to recall my notice to vacate and the landlord said that somebody already rented the place just a couple of days after I gave my notice”.
She works as a cashier and also does kitchen work. She would like prayers for her to figure things out to help herself.
She said that if she has unlimited resources she will go back to school and become a mental health and addiction counsellor. She would like to help and support people especially the homeless. She stated, “I think I could truly help, I have a better understanding of homelessness and the people. She would also put a down payment on a condo and secure her future and also look out for her fellow beings.
She said that being homeless she learned and continues to learn to interact with different people in different situation and she’s developing social skills.

Wish List

Mike is a 39 year old male who has been homeless for several years. He grew up in St.John’s NewBrunswick and worked many odd jobs.
Most recently he worked for an insulation company. Unfortunately he became diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma Cancer in 2006 and underwent
radiation treatment. The side effects of radiation left him with nerve damage that causes him chronic pain and made it difficult for him to return to
work. He still tries to exercise and has goals to be a personal trainer for others. He says that the cancer and being unable to work is what
has contributed to most of the difficulties in his life. He has difficulty finding consistent health care to help monitor his medical needs and prescriptions.
He is most proud of his daughter who is, “doing good in school”. Other than that, he does not feel much is going well for him. He is most upset about
the lack of social support and environment around him that, “makes it hard for guys who want to stay honest and keep from doing criminal activities to get what they need in order to survive”
If he had unlimited resources, he would be with his daughter as he has not seen her in several months.
His Christmas Wish List includes: Warm Footwear, size 10, male, a BackPack, and Bus tickets for bctransit.

Wish List
  • Warm Footwear size 10

    Pledge This Gift
  • Backpack

  • Bus Tickets BC Transit

Wayne is a pleasant 54 year old man who has come back to a shelter for housing due to lack of funds to pay for his rental apartment. Wayne was disappointed in himself as he was in a shelter four years ago and hoped that he would be able to manage himself so that he did not need to return. A gambling problem has caused his loss of rental housing at this time.
Wayne was born in British Columbia and came to Victoria in 1978. He works as a construction worker when he can find work at a temporary agency. Usually he is able to find work for six days a week.
He confided that he is not involved in drugs but struggles with his gambling addiction.
If Wayne won the lottery or came into money he would want to pay back the agencies and people who have helped him in the past.
Wayne would appreciate prayers that he will have good recovery from his addiction and that he will be able to find permanent housing once again.
For Christmas gifts Wayne would like a gift certificate for food. He would also like a Teddy Bear and a good night’s sleep.

Wish List
  • Gift Certificate for food

  • Teddy bear

Mohammad presents as a very well mannered, quiet young man with a heavy burden on his shoulders.
This is the first time that Mohammad has required the services of a shelter and he is devastated but thankful that he has “a roof over his head”. He has been in a shelter for 7 weeks. He has completely run out of funds and has been unable to find any type of work. Facing homelessness is very scary for him. He has not confided in his parents his situation as he is embarrassed.
He originates from the Ivory Coast, Africa but has been in the US and in Canada since 2008. He has attended university for environmental engineering and would like to someday finish his Masters. He has had experience in retail customer service.
Mohammad would appreciate prayers that he can find transitional housing and some sort of work to help him to purchase food.
His Christmas wish for a gift would be a gift certificate for food and also a gift certificate for clothing.

Wish List
  • Gift certificate for food

  • Gift certificate for clothing

Karla is originally from Kamloops. She came to Victoria to help her mother and her daughter.
She has had to stay in shelters due to being unable to find low cost housing in Victoria. She is thankful that she has found full time work and that her boyfriend also had obtained work. Their difficulty is in finding housing. When they look at a rental there are always many others also looking as well and they do not get chosen for renting.
Karla would like to be able to find housing for herself and her boyfriend and also to help her mother and daughter find better housing.
For gifts Karla would appreciate B.C. Transit tickets so she can get to work. She would also like a pair of ladies socks for sizes 7 – 9. Lastly she would love a MP3 player (used would be fine).

Wish List
  • B.C. Transit tickets

  • Pair of ladies socks (size 7-9)

  • MP3 player (used would be fine)

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“Being homeless doesn’t mean you’re a bad person,” says Deborah, a 56-year-old hairdresser from Calgary who has been battling pneumonia and other health issues since she began sleeping out in August. Her cough persists.

A kind, frail Metis woman, Deborah had been living on the Lower Mainland when she was evicted from the dwelling after her partner left her. She came to Victoria to be closer to her ailing father but wasn’t welcomed into the fold. Although she's found locals to be very friendly and helpful, she is frustrated with not having a home and people who sometimes steal her belongings. If she won the lottery, she’d buy a house and never have these worries again.

Although she struggles with her faith, Deborah prays that she will “learn how to forgive again.” She'd appreciate your prayers for that, and for her to re-establish a connection with her younger brother in New Brunswick.

An aficionado of crafts and home-made goods, this holiday season Deborah hopes to receive a crocheted or patchwork blanket and / or size 8 black boots. She’d also enjoy a gift of shortbread cookies or Christmas fruitcake (light or dark) - with marzipan icing.

Wish List
  • Crocheted or patchwork blanket

  • Size 8 Black boots

    Pledge This Gift
  • Cookies or Christmas fruitcake with marzipan icing

Joshua, who was born in Vancouver, is 33 yrs. old and has been living at Rock Bay Landing for just 4 days. He was living in the basement of his older brother’s place but was recently asked to leave. He feels that drugs have contributed to his current situation. His greatest need is for low income housing. He is currently working and says that he loves his job. He is trying to save money to get a place to live.
He feels the happiest when he is able to help others and hang out with his family and friends. Also, he is happiest when he is working.
If he had unlimited resources, Joshua said, “I would give money away to charity, help my family and buy a condo and a nice car. I would probably go back to school.”
He would like prayer to have a clean and healthy life.

Wish List
Bus transportation tickets
Walmart gift card
Food: box of chocolates

Wish List

Nicolas, who was born in Vancouver, is 33 yrs and has been at Rock Bay Landing for just 4 days. Due to circumstances at home with his dad, he had to leave. He cites drug addiction as a reason for his current circumstances. He has tried to hide it for many years from family and friends. The hardest part of his life right now is realizing that he must be honest and forthright about his addiction issues beginning with himself.
In the past, he has worked in construction and enjoys the physical aspect of it, as well as working outside. It makes him happy to spend time with his family and participate in any type of outdoor activities with his friends such as hiking, exercising, etc. His greatest need is for a place to stay, even if it is just a room and he needs a job. As well as construction, he is also interested in sheet metal work or iron work.
If he had unlimited resources, he said, “I would give back to my family who have helped me so much. I would go back to school to learn more and increase my knowledge base. I would also take my family on a trip.”
He would like prayer for overcoming his addiction and to be successful with whatever he puts his mind to.

Wish List
Waterproof jacket, Size XL, preferably green
A backpack
Bus transportation tickets
Food: cheesecake

Wish List

Tyler is an engaging young man who has been homeless, off and on, for three years. Finding permanent shelter has been his biggest challenge. As a teenager, he played basketball and soccer. Now he likes to get together with friends to watch sports and play video games. If Tyler had unlimited resources and could do anything he’s ever dreamed of, he says he would buy the New York Knicks!

Tyler’s Christmas Wish List
Gift Card from Footlocker (to buy shoes)
Gift Card from Yellowjacket Comics & Toys
Bus tickets

Wish List
  • Gift Card from Footlocker

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  • gift card from YellowJacket comics and toys

  • bus tickets

This 47 year old caucasian man is originally from Scarborough, and he has been homeless for about five months. Finding permanent housing is his greatest challenge. The first night he was homeless, and he says, "It was scary." He says, "I was living in a two bedroom apartment in Shawnigan Lake and was doing some maintenance on the house for the landlord. When the time came to pay me for my time, he claimed that I jeopardized his safety and evicted me."

He also says, "I have been a support worker for a man with acquired brain injury. I have worked for the Capital Regional District at a landfill, have done framing and I have owned my own exterior home detailing business. I would like to successfully run my own business again."

He says drugs has contributed most to his difficulties: "The hardest part of my life right now is getting organized on the day to day: being able to use the shower when I want, having clean clothes and privacy to change etc."

What makes him feel happy: "I love hearing about my son and seeing him. I can still smile and laugh and I enjoy exercising."

If he had unlimited resources, he says: "I would give back to the community and end homelessness. I would make the Ministry of Social Development increase the rental allowance because it is impossible to find anything for $375.00/month."

He would like prayers to have a home and family life.

Wish List
  • Tim Horton's gift card

  • Gas card, any place, any denomination.

  • Nonperishable food item

This is a 66 year old lady who has been homeless for 5 months. She was born in Toronto, grew up in Montreal, and last lived in Grand Forks. She has one grown son. She is well-educated with two business degrees,.
She became homeless when the woman she lived with as a caregiver/housekeeper passed away, leaving her without home or job. Her greatest need right now is for a little private space for herself and her two cats where she feels safe. She is slated to have a room at the Super 8 Motel in January.
She would appreciate if people would pray that she will get the room at the Super 8 Motel.
For Christmas, she would like:

Wish List
  • Waterproof winter boots size 7 1/2 - 8

  • Warm blanket, Allergic to wool

    Pledge This Gift
  • Backpack

  • Large suitcase

This 24 years old man is originally from Nanaimo. He has been homeless for a month a half month. He said that he experience homelessness six years ago for a week and he’s brother saved him but now his brother is in the same situation. His biggest challenge is +nding somebody to help him with his addiction problem. He also needs guidance to apply for welfare just until he gets back to his feet.He said that the +rst night he was homeless he said, “I +nd it very overwhelming, there was too much going on”. He said this time around it’s easier because he knows most of the people, “It’s like family”.When asked what contributed to his current situation, he said that he loss he’s father when he was 9 years old and was living with his alcoholic mother.He said that he started using drugs when he was 12 and move to using drugswith his mother. He stated that he was happy with his work before, he was doing detailing for cars for 10 years. He stated that he’s unhappy that he’s not doing it right now because his addiction got in a way.He said that if he has unlimited resources he said, “probably get high everyday”. He said after that he would like to get the addiction out of his system and try to settle down by next year.. He would like prayers for him to be able to get out of the shelter and get help with his addiction
.Wishlist:Clothing: underwear, thermal size medium for male, socks (wears size 12 shoes), hat, gloves and scarf, and any clothing article in M size.He would also like some food, any

Wish List
  • Underwear thermal size M

  • Socks size 12

  • hat, gloves , scarf, clothing in size M

    Pledge This Gift
  • food

This 42 year old Caucasian man is originally from the mainland and is fully employed. He is in a stable, long-term relationship with his girlfriend. He has been homeless for about 2 years, due to a bad credit rating, which is based on a disagreement with a rental agency. Finding a permanent home is his goal but he is frustrated in that effort by the bad credit rating.
For most of his working career, he has worked in construction, carpentry and painting, although there was a period of reforestation several years ago. He continues to earn enough money painting houses to support himself and currently pays his bills responsibly. A source of satisfaction for him is “knowing that I am self-sufficient.” What he needs most is an advocate to help him get into a home.
His greatest struggle is with a 15 year-long addiction to methadone, which he has learned to control, so that he keeps it from impacting him on the job.
He would appreciate others praying for him to be able to maintain his financial stability and to have good health.

Gifts that would be of interest:
-thermal underwear: male Large (wears pants 32”waist, 34”long)
-Foods: Christmas snacks, mandarin oranges
-electric beard trimmer

Wish List
  • back pack

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  • thermal underwear : male Large

  • Food: Christmas snacks, mandarin oranges

  • electric beard trimmer

This man is 38 year old and is originally from Victoria. His first night out being homeless was cold and in Winnipeg. He said that it is very scary to be homeless because he does not know anyone and the future is uncertain. He was a construction worker. Lack of money and different work injuries are his greatest challenges. If he had resources, he would make sure his family is financially stable. He would like prayers. He is depressed and has no family to contact.

Wish List
  • work pants (size 32x32) black

  • backpack

  • phone card

  • bus pass

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This is a 44 year old Metis man who moved to Victoria from Saskatchewan. It was a very difficult and scary experienced when he first became a homeless person in Red Deer many years ago, and even now he says it is difficult. He doesn't know anybody. He used to work as a furniture mover. He was injured at work, and he had family issues back home. He did not know what to do but to move on. If he had unlimited resources, he would move somewhere nice, buy a house, and seek medical services. He would like to have the Victoria community to pray for him. He would like to reconnect with his kids. He likes what the Homeless Partners does in the community.

Wish List
  • gift certificate from Walmart

  • gift certificate from Tim Hortons

  • nonperishable food item

Ryan is a very youthful-looking Caucasian; 36 years old, born in Halifax and likes Victoria because the sea reminds him of home.
He has been sleeping out, off and on, for about three years. He was addicted but says he is “now free and trying to figure out who he is after years of abuse.” Also he mentioned that, “getting to know his self again, is difficult. He is learning patience but recognizes that change takes time.”
His parents have welcomed him back into their lives and are so happy to “know him again.” After he was ‘clean’ his father (with whom he had always had a close relationship) said it was the first conversation with Ryan in twenty years where he could recognize his son again. Ryan said that for him it was also an occasion of recognition and healing - of himself in relation to, and with, his parents. His parents, Joy and Pat T. live in Toronto. He knows their telephone # and would love to call them.
He currently has a girlfriend who appears to be the light of his life. He said, “Knowing that someone outside your family can love you, is amazing - helps enormously.” Patience in his life is what he needs the most.
He wants a “simple life – money doesn’t drive me” but to “work and share with family.” His dream would be to own property on waterfront.
He has work experience in a variety of businesses: retail, construction, audio-visual and as a shipper-receiver. Would like to find employment in “warehouse-type work” but finds obtaining stable housing and full-time work most difficult.
CHRISTMAS WISH LIST: Man’s steel-toe work boots, size 7. Heavy-duty work gloves. Man’s small Hoodie – red or black. A new backpack (his has a broken zipper); a phone card if possible; a year’s bus pass to help his job search in Victoria AND as a food treat: a white seafood chowder!
Thinks Homelesspartners makes for a “good start” and gives the organization a 9.
While Ryan does not want to speak with the media, he would be willing to participate with people who seek better understanding of homeless needs to plan actions that really help them.

Wish List

Ken is a veteran of the American Army who came to Canada in 1970 to marry a Canadian. They had three children, one of whom lives in Victoria. He is estranged from two of his children but keeps in contact with his son in Windsor Ontario.
Ken was shot in the neck by his wife in 1978 and states that he got lead poisoning from the wound and that the injury complicated his life by causing depression, anxiety and a need to isolate from society for many years.
He met his partner while working in Vancouver and they have been together 22 years. They came to Vancouver Island in 1994 and lived around Sooke Potholes for seven years. He loves nature and being outdoors. His dream would be to own a mom and pop grocery store on a corner somewhere.
Ken has no documentation so does not qualify for provincial Medicare. H e would really like more medical access and states that seeing the doctor is difficult because of so many needing to see the doctor when he comes to the shelter.
Ken's Christmas wish is to have a bicycle to help him get around to pick up groceries as his aging knees are becoming a problem. He would also love to have some coffee, soft food items and/or warm socks.

Wish List
  • bicycle

  • coffee and soft food

  • warm sccks

Donald is 55 yrs. old and was born in Alert Bay, part of the Nimkus tribe. He knows some of his Native language, but speaks English. He has been homeless for 9 months and said that he was “paranoid” in the beginning and stayed awake for 3 days. Then people came along side to help and introduced him to services that were available to him. He is very grateful to currently have a room at Rock Bay Landing.
He spent some time in jail and when he was released he was very sick. He spent time in the hospital and was diagnosed with Pancreatitis Type 11, an autoimmune disease. Since that time he has been homeless.
He is a carpenter by trade and has worked all over the city. However, in his current condition, he is unable to work. He has tried to work for a few days, but then ends up sick for weeks. There is a lot of pain associated with this disease for which he takes pain medication constantly.
He says that the hardest part of his life is dealing with the pain. But more recently, his heart aches for his daughter and 5 children who just lost everything in a house fire. “Hanging out with my grandchildren is my greatest source of happiness, I see them everyday. Every time they see me, they shout ‘Papa’.”
If he had unlimited resources, he said, “I would buy a huge house with lots of property, so my family could all be together.”
He would like prayer to be happy and stay out of depression. “It is so hard, I want to work, but my health and constant pain prevent it.”

Wish List
Warm hiking boots, size 9 with some warm socks
Thermal underwear, size M
Bus transportation pass/tickets
Food: any kid of Christmas treats

Wish List
  • warm hiking boots, size 9 with warm socks

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  • Thermal underwear size M

  • Bus tickets

  • any kind of Christmas treats

Randy recently lost everything in an apartment fire, and now his biggest challenge is finding affordable housing. He enjoys going to the library to use the internet and borrow books and DVDs. He especially enjoys nature documentaries and true crime programs. He is currently looking for employment in general construction or as a flagger, and someday he would like to have his own mechanics shop and be self-sufficient. Randy invites everyone to pray for his sobriety and good health.

Randy’s Christmas Wish List
Men’s shirts or sweaters, size XL
Shoes or boots, size 10
Bus tickets
Chips Ahoy cookies
Wrist watch

Wish List

Terry is a US Marine Corp veteran, but he says he receives no support and has been on the streets for many years. Now he says he is happy with what he has, especially his friends at the Rock Bay Shelter. One of his favourite things to do is to eat at Burger King. Terry asks people to pray that all wars will end, and that everyone will get along.

Terry’s Christmas Wish List
Burger King gift card
Black hoodie, men’s size large
Black track pants, men’s size large

Wish List
  • Burger King gift card

  • Black hoodie, men's size L

  • Black track pants men's size L

This is a 26 year old young woman who has been on her own for 6 years. She is originally from Richmond. She loves her mother and hopes to see her at Christmas. She has worked at 7 Eleven Stores in the past and is interested in being a youth care worker.
The most important thing to her is finding a safe place where she can be comfortable. She would appreciate prayers if people would like to pray for her.
She would like for Christmas:
2/a winter coat size large (she loves snowboard jackets)
4/bus pass
5/Payless shoe card
Her email address is Charlene

Wish List
  • socks

  • winter coat size L (she loves snowboard jackets)

  • backpack

  • bus pass

Cody, now 36, is originally from Halifax. His parents both died of cancer when he was young and he was left in the care of a brother eighteen years older. When Cody was fourteen his brother went overseas and he was left on his own. At fourteen he was sleeping out, “scared, not knowing what to do, where to go.” He was especially scared of the shelters because “if you slept, someone could stab you.” He likes to stay at Rock Bay because it is “away from downtown.” Finding Housing is most difficult and is his greatest need.

He blames “lack of guidance” in his young life as he lived experiences that obviously affected him. Later he said he’d been homeless, off-and-on, for twelve years.

From age 14 until 18 Cody said he worked for Raven Metal Products that is now situated on Oldfield Road in Saanichton. Then he later worked for a General Contractor named Murray Ellis for a number of years doing sheet metal work.
He seems to have had this job from about the age of 28 to the present.

When asked, “What makes you feel happy? What’s going well for you?” he answered,
“Not sure, don’t know.”

When asked, “What would you like others to pray for you about?” he answered,
“A home.” Offered that he sometimes is short-tempered, gets irritated for no real reason, especially with his girlfriend but doesn’t want to lose her. Is working on being more patient.

Does not have anyone he wishes to contact or reconnect with but finds the experience of being asked questions about himself “mind blowing.” He said,
“No one has ever asked me these questions before.” Gives homelesspartners a 10!!

CHRISTMAS WISH LIST: Large men’s socks; a warm blanket; men’s jeans size 32x34 and rain pants to cover - any color. A large, warm winter coat would be wonderful; Men’s thermal underwear size M – L; a yearly Victoria bus pass; a sketch pad, colored pencils and charcoal sticks AND a pack of chocolate covered Marachino Cherries like his mother used to buy him at Christmas time!

Cody presented as shy, quiet and almost tongue-tied. Of interest, he held a notebook and pen ready to take notes!

Wish List
  • Men's size L socks

  • Warm blanket

  • Men's jeans 32x34, rain pants any color

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  • L warm winter coat

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  • Thermal underwear M - L

  • Bus Pass

    Pledge This Gift
  • Sketch pad and colored pencils and charcoal sticks

This is a 62 year old white male from New Brunswick originally, who has been in the shelter 3 weeks. He is disabled as parts of his body are paralyzed. He is a licensed mechanic and worked at the shipyard. He was living aboard his boat on first nations land but lost his boat and his rent. Now he has had his clothing stolen. He does have his Siamese cat which is his family.

When asked if he would like people to pray for him, he said yes, please pray that my cat will live long.

Wish List
  • Size 13 sneakers with velcro

  • black jeans size 36x36

  • bus pass

  • Crunchies cat food

  • candy