Hyland House Cloverdale
Cloverdale, British Columbia

Donations are a simple way to have direct impact in the life of someone who is homeless.

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  • Hyland House - Cloverdale, 6595 King George Hwy , Wrapping instructions: Please include the name, ID# (Assigned ID), a description of the gift, the size of the gift, and name of the shelter. Dropoff Details: Please have the following: -gift labeled with first name and last initial/assigned id -what the item is on the back of the gift tag -separate any personal letters or notes. DROP OFF LOCATION: 6595 King George Hwy (Surrey) Shelter address: Hyland House - Cloverdale, 17910 Colebrook Road, Cloverdale. Phone: 604-574-4341





Pledged Gifts

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Syed was born in Kavachi, Pakistan but grew up in Qatar until he was 18 years old. He became homeless in 2015 due to loss of a job, and subsequently couldn't pay rent. He has worked in banks and call centres, and is presently trying to find work through labour unlimited. His biggest challenges are shelter, food, and security. What helps him most is seeing his kids.

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John was born in Brockville, ON and is 39 years old. He is a foreman in the construction industry. His biggest challenge is saving money to pay for a place to live. What helps him feel most encouraged is his family, his daughter, and listening to music.

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Steven was born in Toronto and recently came to the Vancouver area. He is 50 years old. He is interested in forklift driving and warehouse work. The biggest challenge Steven faces is adapting to society since he spent a considerable amount of time in prison.
What encourages him most is seeing pictures of his newborn.

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Mark is originally from Edmonton and very recently arrived in the Vancouver area. He has worked in framing, steel fab, and drywall and is looking for work in that area. The biggest challenge for Mark is keeping dry.
What helps him feel most encouraged is his faith...in believing in God's salvation through Jesus.

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Heinz was born in Lynn Lake and grew up in the tri-cities area. When he arrived in this part of BC 30 years ago, he couldn't imagine living anywhere else. He is 53 years old. Heinz has worked at a mine, at a moving company, and driving a garbage truck. He'd like to drive garbage trucks again. His biggest challenge is security. Heinz would like to get his life on track and rid himself of his addiction.
What helps Heinz to feel most encouraged is reading the Bible, speaking with other addicts or alcoholics, working and staying clean.

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Martin is from Surrey, he's lived there all his life. He is 45 years old and he's looking for work in construction. His biggest challenge is affordable housing. What encourages him most is the staff at Hyland House.

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Axle is from Newfoundland and moved to the coast 3 years ago for work and a better life. He is a roofer. His biggest challenge right now is staying clean. What helps him feel most encouraged is his faith in Jesus.

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Richard was born in Vancouver and grew up in Richmond. He is hoping to get off the streets and out of living in his car. He admits to suffering from a serious addiction that has taken away much of what he loves, such as family and friends. His biggest challenge is staying away from using drugs. He feels so comfortable and grateful to be in a shelter...it feels like home. What helps Richard to feel most encouraged is his faith in God.

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Varinder was born in India where he worked as a doctor and scientist. He came to the Vancouver area 5 years ago for a secure and safe life. He has worked as a security guard since being here, but his passion would be to work as a clinical research co-ordinator. Varinder's biggest challenges include lack of networking, lack of mentorship, lack of connections, and acceptance as a person.
What helps him to feel most encouraged is to find acceptance of himself in Canada.

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  • Jacket, size L, Dark Blue or Black