Cliff Block
New Westminster, British Columbia

The Cliff Block provides 16 units of minimal barrier, supportive housing in Downtown New Westminster for high risk homeless men and women having few, if any, housing alternatives. Donations are a simple way to have direct impact in the life of someone who is homeless.

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Drop off Locations:
  • Cliff Block, 606 Clarkson St, New Westminster , Please drop off gifts at the Cliff block, Sunday to Thursday from 7am-3pm just ask for Adriana. Phone: 604-523-9126. Please make sure the gift is labeled with first name and last initial/assigned id - with what the item is on the back of the gift tag, separate from any personal letters or notes you wish to include.





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I am from Saskatchewan and have been in the greater Vancouver area for a few years.
In the past I have worked with in the social feild. I really enjoy helping others. I am happiest with peaceful living and being in nature. I also happy when I am being provided with shelter.

Wish List
  • I'd really like aTV

  • Warm winter Jack Medium men's in Balck

  • consession Bus tickets

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I moved from Nanaimo to Vancouver about 5 years ago.
My biggest challenge is food and clothing.
2017 should be better.

Wish List
  • phone card

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  • pants 40 / 30 men's

  • warm foot wear size 11, men's

Sean has been at the Cliff block for the past 10 years. He was born and raised in the Vancouver area. He enjoys living in the New Westminster community and the supportive services in the area.
Sean enjoys regular walks in the neighbohood and his time spent with friends.
A daily challenge for Sean is access to meals and greatly appreciates donations provided. He finds lots of joy when he is able to enjoy coffee and juice.
In the past he worked in the food industry and for a poainting company. He also worked in maitenance on boats and for various other places He was the happiest working on boats, and also enjoys cooking.
Each year Sean spends Christmas at the Cliff Block and enjoys Lookout Societies Chrismas morning with Santa.

Wish List
  • Food Hamper or giftcard for Safeway

  • Large Sleeping Bag

Denis has resided at the Cliff Block residence since Feb of this year. Before securing his placement here he was homeless. He aspires to move into independent living although faces challenges with Rental availability. He enjoys the community and services near by. Residing at Cliff Black brings him joy and he has made lots of friendships.
This Christmas he is looking forward to Cliff Block festivities. He would greatly enjoy being sponsored from the wish list this year because Christmas in recent years has been a challenging time of year.

Wish List

I was born in Kitwanga, near Smithers BC.
I have worked as a labourer and in machine shops most of my life. I really enjoyed rebuilding printingg presses the best.
I'd be happy gold minning. I would like to go up north to find some gold.

Wish List
  • Warm footwear Size 11, men's insulated, waterproof, light weight

  • long sleeved shirts, XL men's, any western style

  • underwear, XL, men's

I am from Surrey and the greater Vancouver area.
I have worked as a heavy machine operator and I have a goal to return to this type of work in the future.
Most of my difficulties started from a young age with my family relationships, there have also been various other situations that I had to overcome.
I am happy when I have time and when I'm with my Children.

Wish List
  • microwave

  • Christmas cake

  • TV

I am originally from Toronto, Ontario.
I was first homeless for a few days in 1988.
I have been a landscaper, and general labourer for most of my life.
The hardest part of my life is my struggle with mental health.
I am happy when I have Chocolate!

Wish List
  • Chocolate

  • Safeway gift casrd

  • Tim Horton's gift card

I'm born and raised in Vancouver, lived here my whole life.
I've mostly worked at Gas stations until I can't wwork anymore but I am on PWD.
The hardest part of life is my diet, I struggle with Drugs and mental health too. These things cause me a lot of difficulty.
I'm enjoy music and reading.

Wish List
  • underwear L-36 mens

  • Socks - 13

  • Gift cards to McDonalds, Tim Hortons or Safeway

I was originally born in Sudbury Ontario.
I enjoyed working for a moving company and have in the past done many labour type jobs.
I find happiness with sobriety and freedom.
If I could do anything I would go back to School.

Wish List
  • Socks - white

  • underwear Large, men's

  • gift card to safeway or save on

I was born and raised in North Vancouver.
Happiness for me is being provided a place to stay and the shelter support provided.
In the past I have worked repairing TVs.
It really hard for me to talk about how hard my life has been, It makes me uncomfortable.

Wish List
  • gift card to safeway

  • underwear medium men's

  • socks

Stephen is originally from New WEstminster and Vancouver. He enjoys morning coffee routine and holiday meals. Christmas time enjoys eggnog and time with friends.
He has resided in New West for a few years and likes the services in the area.
He enjoys the holiday season and loves listenring to Joy to the World.

Wish List
  • Christmas CD with Joy to the World on it

  • Yellow rain jacket XL

  • Rubber boots mens size 10

I was born in th eVancouver Area. I do alot of Volunteer work with the Salvation Army and buying groceries for an individual who found it challenging to go outside. I've done farm work bailing hay, sawmill work, and Enjoys working each Christmas season for the Kettle Drive.
My biggest challenge and dsource of difficulties in life is my family related siutations.
I enjoy finding cans during my daily walks and am currently reducing smoking and am hoping to cease this habit in th enew year.
I want better health.

Wish List
  • New Belt size 34 in Black

  • coffee maker

  • gift card to Safeway

I am from New Westminster and am lucky to still live here today. I have been in Lookout's supportive housing at the Cliff block since 2011.
I wnjoy the community and daily interactions with my neighbours. I greatly appreciate the assistance from services in New Westminster. There are supportive staff from many agencies assisting me in meeting my daily challenges and they work together to meet my needs.
House keeping is of top priority which tenant support works hard to help with. It's a challenge to find the funds to cover services.

Wish List
  • T-shirts XL any color

  • Tim Horton's Gift Cards

  • Warm Foot wear size 12 men's

  • Sweat pants size L 46 waist

I am originally from Edmonton. I was first homeless when I was 9 years old.
I don't really have any work experience, my mental illnes and drug addition has ruined my life, but the hardest part of life is dealing iwth the father of my children.
Happy feelings are just starting to come back to me. having yoga, and my art therapy helps.
If I could do anything and not have to worry I would be grounded and settle to a nice, big apartment and find some kind of job so I could to see my children who are ages 18, 17, 13 and 8 (girl, boy, girl, boy) they live in Surrey. if I had presents to give them I could visit them.
Pray that I maintain my home

Wish List
  • Presents for my kids girl 18, boy 17, girl 13, and boy 8

  • Safeway gift card

  • Hoodie, Nike or Adidas size 8-10 womens

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  • Warm jacket womens 8-10

  • Warm footwear women's size 8

I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC.
I mostly worked as a furniture mover. But I have a mental Illness that has made my life really difficult. the hardest part is the stigma, the poor bashing from people when they find out you are on disability and can' afford things.
I love Music and TV.

Wish List
  • Safeway gift card

  • Warm footwear men's size 13

  • ball caps

  • socks

I was born in Squamish. I worke in a pulp mill for Domans but now there is no work.
People make me feel happy. I like company.

Wish List
  • Warm foot wear size 9 Men's

  • Safeway gift card

  • Work shirts Large, men's, Plaid

  • Baseball cap

  • warm winter jacket Large, Men's