Yukon Housing Centre
Vancouver, British Columbia

We offer 71 shelter beds and 37 transitional housing units located at 2088 Yukon Street. Donations are a simple way to have direct impact in the life of someone who is homeless.

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  • Yukon Housing Centre, 2088 Yukon St, Vancouver , Wrapping instructions: Please include the name, ID# (Assigned ID), a description of the gift, the size of the gift, and name of the shelter. Phone: 604-264-1680





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I was born in Prince Albert Saskatchewan. I was 20 years old the first time I slept out. I have sold flowers on the street to get by. I feel happiest when I make people smile. If I had unlimited resources, I would help my kids.

Wish List
  • Blanket

I am 51 years old. I am a caregiver for a woman with disabilities. I spent 18 years in prison. I am originally from Calgary. The circumstances that have led to my situation include leaving prison with an alcohol addiction and a personality disorder that went undiagnosed for many years. I had many years of construction experience, and I was a 2nd year cabinet maker and a 1st year plumber.
Many of my issues are caused by not thinking before I act out.
I am happy being a caregiver and enjoy helping my roommate. If I had unlimited resources I would help those in need.
I would like if others could pray that all of us who are low income can become wanted people who can help those who need it.

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  • Work Coveralls (Men's Medium)

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  • Warm Winter Coat (Men's Medium)

I am originally from Toronto. I slept out for the first time when I was 24 years old. I had just got out of the army and had no place to go. I was a painter and if I had unlimited resources, I would paint. But right now, food makes me happy!
If I could ask others to pray for me, I would ask for understanding.

Wish List
  • Men's Blue Jeans (size 38x32)

I was raised by my mother in Coquitlam. My first job was at bunsmaster bakery from age 16 to 19. At age 19 I then worked for save on ffods for 25 years. The job became to much for me because my Cerebral Palsey got worse. My mentla state also got worse dealing with depression anxiety and a dillusional disorder. I left save on foods in July 2013. Many doctors have worked with me to stabilise my conditions. I am now 48 years old and Yukon housing center is my temporary home for the last 2 years. I am currently taking computer courses and life skills at work BC and UBC learning exchange. After all is said and done maybe I can get a job to supplement my income. The most important part is to find housing that is permanent.

Wish List
  • Gift Card to best buy

I was born in Quebec. The first time I slept out it was summer time so it didn't seem that bad. My life is so hard because I don't have any family support.
I've spent most of my life being a dishwasher.
The Yukon has been really great to me and it makes me happy to be here.
If I had unlimited resources I would pay off all my debt.
Pray that I can find good long term housing.

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I grew up in Vernon BC. I graduated highschool and went to university. I moved to Vancouver and had a hard time. I've tried to go back home but anxiety and depression makes it hard.
I've always been in the hospitality business and I can't do that anymore. I'd like to go back to school for something to do with people. I just started knitting and I enjoy that. I'm still pretty young so I don't know what I would be good at.
My life did not go well when I was working in a bar with alcohol. The last 2 years have been the worst. Drinking hasn't helped my mental illness, it makes it worse.
If I could do anything I'd love to become a nurse and be sober. Please pray that this can happen one day.

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I am Canadian. The first time I slept out it was horrible. I was drug addicted and acting/behaving irresponsibly. I was self medicating at 14 years old. That first time homeless lasted 10 months. This time around I'm 43 and have been in a downward spiral since I turned 40. I've lost everything again, in a very short period of time and I was oficially homeless and on the streets again by 41.
I've done lots of labour jobs. My favorite jobs are people related. I would like to find something where I'm helping people radiating positive energy.
My biggest problem is drugs and addictive behaviours. Not being happy ever! Feeling suicidal constantly!! and putting on an act like I'm fine and liking myself.
I am most at peace when ... I let my conscience be my guide.
I'm not sure what I would do with unlimited resources, try to make a difference in peoples lives - something.
Pray that I stay healthy!

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I'm from Kansas City, Missourri. I was a red seal automotive technician, very mechanical. I might take a Peer support training program to become a Peer Support Worker (certified)
My biggest problems are my need to fit in and my low self esteem. I have mental and pysical illnesses and have issues with being dependent. I am also seeking a pardon / suspension which is really hard to deal with.
I really enjoy helping other by volunteering in numerous situations.
If I had unlimited resource I would get permanent housing and employment.
Pray for my health, world health and peace now that Trump is in charge! Pray for Trump and world peace.

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I'm originally from Sooke, BC. It was scary and cold the first time I slept out. Also it made me stronger too. I had no where to go , the shelters were full. I was 17 the first time I slept outside.
I've done a lot of different jobs in my life. I was a barista, working as a tenant support worker for a non-profit and a high rise window cleaner, were my favorite jobs. I'd like to go back to school then explore employment options. Working in a coffee shop in the meantime or get into seniors health care would be nice.
So much in my life contributes to my difficulties. My mental health, addiction, poverty, growing up with addicted alcoholic parents, lack of education, being transgender.
Things that make me happy are music, nature, good food, going for a bike ride, ice cream. At this moment I have good housing and a good mental health team.
Pray for my health, my foot is broken right now so my mobility is shot, which is frustrating.

Wish List
  • gift card for Army & Navy, or prepaid visa card

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  • grocery store or restaurant gift card (safeway, superstore, wendy's)

  • Backpack, preferably darker colours, black, blue, grey brown...

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I'm originally from Windsor, Ontario.
I'd like to be a stand up comedian.
My biggest struggle in life is my poor health.
I'm happy when I have mobility.
If I could have anything I'd like to go on an Alaskan Cruise.
Pray that I stay healthy.

Wish List

I'm originally from Ontario. It was so cold the first time I slept out.
I'm a jack of all trades and a master of none.
Alcohol has contributed most to my difficulties.
Friends make me happy.
If I had unlimited resources I would just rest.
Pray for life.

Wish List

I moved to Victoria to take a college course (government sponsored) in construction, but was dis-qualified whne my housing fell thru, deprieving me of a local address (which was necessary for approval of the course)
I took work with a stonemason for a few months but felt it necessary to vacate helping him after he fell through in assurances that I could move in to a bachelor suite in the building he lived. (I found out from his land lord when I arrive with my belongings to move in, she stated he had never talked to her about me or anyone else renting said unit, as it was never vacant, the tenant was going to re-locate to Calgary but didn't so rental/lease was never interupted. My Stone mason employer was very involved in crystal Therapy, vegan foods, chakras, re-incarnated divinity concepts etc. and the weekend I was to move in to aformentioned basement suite he was to attend an ascension workshop where he was to ascend to his next level of divinity! The workshop cost $4800 so he was unable to pay me the lions share of the 3 weeks work I had accumulated. enough was enough so I vowed no more involvment in him and proceeded to lug my belongings to the homeless hselter. Victoria has two, the Salvation army and the coastal health Street link. I've heard them compared to the beatles (salvation Army) (perceived as wild) vs the stones ( street link) It very much just like the former but with more way more excessive heroinism. it was pretty descent and workable metophor as street link, despite it's for the most awesome staff, was very much like hell on earth. Seriously when staying inside "The link" one has all five senses violated to lesser or greated degree at any given time. Add to that senseless, intermittant, fights, Violence attacks. I remember my first night thinking "This probably isn't that bad, all the time" but that changed to "this could/might be bearable with a bottle of scotch and snort of heroin" I discharge myself from the link after 3 failed attempts of sleeping at nite on a bunk bed under a poor fellow who had a propensity for relentless masturbation and tourettes syndrom. I have retained my taste of heroin unfortunatly.

Wish List

I'm originally from Ontario.
I used to do Heli Portable Deliveries. But I struggle with mental illness and eating healthy.
I like outdoor activites and having housing makes me happy.
If I had unlimited resources I would donate to charities and look after my friends.
Pray for help
I'd like to reconnect with my sister in Ontario.

Wish List

The first time I became homeless I was only 16 years old. I have worked in Construction and in Warehouses doing physical labour. I believe the relationship with my mother has contributed most to my difficulties. Relationships in general are the hardest part of life. I would like pray for my daughter, that we strengthen our Father - daughter relationship. My Daughter's name is Charlotte, I believe she lives in Surrey but I've lost touch with her. It's hard for me to talk about myself, and my family relationships.

Wish List
  • Warm Footwear - size 9 men's

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  • Pants - Men's medium 30-32, gray and light

  • Underwear, men's medium 30-32

I am originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba. The first time I slept outside was sudden. I was alone. I had no money and no food. I was 40 years old. I have worked as a forklift operator and as a reporter/photographer. I would like to work in journalism again someday.
Substance abuse has contributed to most of my difficulties. I like writing and photography – they are what make me most happy.

Wish List
  • Men's Winter Coat (XXL)

  • Men's Jeans (38x34)

I have worked in food service, hairstyling, industrial embroidering. I would like to explore jewellery making. My battle with addiction has contributed to my difficulties. Losing my dad recently is the hardest part of my life. Music, art, and quiet time make me the most happy. If I had unlimited resources I would go to school! Then, I would pay my debts and buy a house.
I would like people to pray for my sobriety.

Wish List
  • Blanket

  • Work Boots or Warm Shoes (size 9)

  • Painting Easel

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I have had depression and anxiety for years and did not realize it until it was to late and I had hit rock bottom. I woke up one morning went into work (as customer service) told my boss I quit. I supported myself with my savings selling my car, pawning my jewlery until 14 months later I could do it no more. I went with my furniture and stayed with a friend for over a year. At this time I collected bottles for my food and expenses. After staying for too long and not getting better I was told I had to leave and she kept my furniture stored in her garage for me. I went into downtown Vancouver and slept on the streets for almost 3 weeks until someone took me to a shelter. The workers there helped me to get on social assistance and now I am on disability. they helped me find a doctor who is now helping me with my axiety and depression. I was in shelters for almost 6 months before I was fortunate to secure a place in the 2 year tenancy program at teh Yukon. Being in the program has given me a new look on life. I have gone back to school to get my grade 12 diploma. I have delt with my dept and am dealing with life myself. If you would have asked me years ago I never thought I would go thru this. I have been able to see my mother and sister in Ontario which I had lost contact with and hope one day to be able to work again hopefully with seniros or helping people. I just take one day at a time.

Wish List
  • Gluten Free food / gift card

  • Clock radio

I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. The first time I became homeless I was tense, scared and unsure of my future. I had no job and the rent was due. I was 37 years old. I have worked as an office administrative assistant, I like theater (acting) and I am interested in working in health care. Having safe, warm and affordable housing (rent) helps but the hardest part of life is not having self-esteem. Things are going well, I can now save money, I have a place to sleep that is indoors, and keeping my job is going well. If I had unlimited resources I would help others, I can do public speaking. Pray for my health and happiness. My family is my support.

Wish List
  • coffee maker

  • warm footwear size 8 womens

  • underwear, small womens

I was born in Canada. and two years ago when I was 33 years old I found myself homeless for the first time. I used to work at Safeway in the bakery department, but being homeless makes life really difficult. I am happy when I stay clean. If I had unlimited resources I would simply want to live a normal good life.
Please pray that I can always have housing.and stay clean.

Wish List
  • curling iron

  • socks, womens

  • hat, gloves and scarf set

It's really hard for me to talk about my life. I try to work in constuction whenever I can get work. Please help.

Wish List
  • Work boot Size 10 men's

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  • Jeans size 34, black

  • Warm Winter Coat - Waterproof Men's XL

  • Long Johns / thermal underwear

I was born in Toronto, Ontario. When I first moved to Vancouver I became homeless. It was so scary.
I have worked a lot in food services, a server, cook, mostly in resaurants. My drug addiction is the hardest part o fmy life and contributes most ot my difficulties.
I love to shop, but if I had unlimited resource I would share with others that need help.
I would like prayers for my safety and for housing. I'd also like to be reconnected with my borrther David Knight in Toronto.

Wish List
  • Gift card to Whitespot or McDonalds

  • Underwear men's s-m

  • Warm winter coat men's medium - large