Mount Edwards Park
Victoria, British Columbia

On February 23, 2016, Victoria Cool Aid Society started operating the BC Housing-owned Mount Edwards Court building to provide temporary transitional housing and support services for 38 people for approximately 12 months. Mount Edwards is located at 1002 Vancouver Street, at the corner of Rockland.

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Drop off Locations:
  • Rock Bay Landing, 535 Ellice Street, Victoria , Please drop off all gifts at the Rock Bay Landing shelter, 535 Ellice Street, Victoria (250-383-1951,, open 24 hours a day. Just let them know that it is for Homeless Partners. We need all gifts by noon on December 22nd at the latest. Please ensure gifts are labeled with the Assigned ID (that is posted with that individual).





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Floralee is slight and delicate and distinguished in appearance. She was born in Saskatchewan and she has had positions in a cooking school and in fashion for many years. I was so impressed with her wonderful attitude toward her situation as she was grateful for everything she has and happy where she is staying.
She became homeless some time ago when she became ill while renting and was in the hospital. When she recovered her place was uninhabitable because of mice and rats and she has not been able to find another place yet.
She says what makes her happy is being in Mt Edwards Park shelter, reading and cooking. She definitely sees everything with a glass half full. She says we all need to achieve something every day.
I would just hope that I could be like her if I were in her position.

Wish List
  • Size Small, chef's coat

Jennifer has been homeless for eight years, born in Saskatchewan. She said that growing up she had health problems and hated being alone. She was beaten and ran away from home first when she was eleven years of age. She lived on the street and was raped many times.
She has been married and has five children. She has spent time in transition house and has been here at Mt. Edwards for 8 months. She is in counselling for the first time and asks for prayers that she will find ease of mind and contentment.
She would like to be able to work at a place that helps people like she is.
She has worked as a waitress and spent 15 years laying hardwood floors. Her dream is to open a company that lays hardwood floors.

Wish List

Alex up on salt Spring Island. He is one of the kids who was in the oldest preschool on salt Spring Island. He's really into music and electronics. He gets very excited at the thought of listening to his music in his room. Alex has a lot of regrets about how he has treated his family. He says the hardest thing is that he is an addict and finds it hard to feel happy without drugs. He has nearly died from them. He would love to be happy and clean and sober and to have a family. If he won the lottery and could be clean and sober he would buy a motorcross bike and live on a ski resort so he could snowboard. He used to work in the logging outfit and Galliano island with and he was a Fallers helper. Unfortunately because of neurological damage to his brain he's unable to do that work.
Alex's wish list is that he would love to have Bluetooth headphones wireless. A phone card or a backpack.

Wish List

Joe is a very nice man who grew up in Ontario but is moved out west for a change of scenery. He has two most adorable Chihuahua dogs and he just loves and adores them. He is very resourceful and finds useful items such as antique dishes toys etc. and gives them away to people who need them. His heart is in the right place. His hardships came from not being able to budget and save his money so that can afford a home. His two favourite things are helping people out and walking with his dogs. If people would want to pray for him he would ask they would pray for his happiness and for health
.All Joe really wants for Christmas is little coats for his two teeny tiny dogs size extra extra small

Wish List
  • 2 dog coats size xxs

Linda is a very sweet 70-year-old Caucasian woman who is happy to have a bed to sleep in tonight. She has two kids and grandchildren that she doesn't see because she has no phone and is unable to stay in touch. She would be so happy if she could get her pride back and would feel better about having a place of her own. When she was younger she ran a business in Toronto. It was a sawmill which was sold for auction and she never received any money. "I've had some bad luck in my life". You could not meet anyone more adorable than Linda.
Her Christmas wish list includes a laptop new or used so she can communicate with her family. A small mini fridge freezer for her apartment so her milk doesn't go bad. She would also love to have a warm winter coat size medium and possibly be water resistant.

Wish List

Jason was a really interesting man to talk to. He moved out when he was 19 years young in Calgary. He has been sleeping out for 17.5 years. He has a difficult time getting a roof over his head because of past credit and bank situation. He has worked as a carpenter , heavy machinery and trucks. What makes him feel happy? Love from himself. That is powerful words that I think are very true. His mom left when he was only 6 months old. He would love others to pray for his health and to stay positive.
For Christmas he was asking for a Wi-Fi stick because the internet connection at the shelter is poor and that is his main source of communication. As well as a phone card.

Wish List

Lesa is kind, gentle spirited woman. She was originally from Nanaimo but has lived sleeping out for the last 5 years. Her last boyfriend has contributed the most to her struggles.. with endless mind games and lies. Her boyfriend kicked her out cause she said the wrong thing at 3 AM and he was looking to get laid so asked her to leave. Its been difficult but Lesa has a journey ahead of herself. She has done a lot of careaid work and would like to do practical nursing if she got the money. What makes Lesa happy? By living in self love. Beautiful words and she is on the road to that journey. Its a work in progress she says but starting from worthless and going up the ladder. She says she needs to love herself in order to give love unconditionally. She enjoyed writing a book which she is in the process of. About all the life skills she has learned for her grandchildren.. its called "Riding the Line". If she unlimited amount of resources she would contribute it to a shelter of her choice. Her family was so important to her... Therefore she would love to get in contact with her family in Kelowna by asking for a roundtrip bus ticket to visit her family in Kelowna. That was the most important for her to go visit them. But also mentioned she was also looking for a Medium "marshmallow" jacket, thin/light/warm, or a tablet (android).

Lesa was a beautiful woman to be around and listen to her story. She would love to be prayed to help her to complete the mission of self-love and from that help others. As well as services that's needed like dentistry. She is a strong lady and one of the first time she has opened up about her situation. She is on the way to self love and was really inspired by her.

Wish List

Ray is from Edmonton. He likes to travel, has hitchhiked all over Canada, and spent eight years living in a tent. He says, “If you’re going to be broke, you might as well enjoy it.” In the past, he worked in fast food restaurants and convenience stores. Now he would like to find work doing landscaping or painting, but he doesn’t have a driver’s licence. He also prefers to be his own boss. He enjoys chilling with friends, and he keeps in touch with his family through Facebook. He asks for prayers for good karma to keep the good things going. If Ray had unlimited resources, he would by an abandoned hotel and turn it into a Dr. Who-themed hotel and restaurant. He would also like to get a driver’s licence, buy a semi and do long-haul trucking. What he would like most of all is to have a dog.

Ray’s Christmas Wish List
Large backpack
Tim Horton’s gift card
Bicycle or longboard to get around
Cell phone

Wish List

Ian came from England as a young child. His parents separated when he was 13 years of age and he has not had a home since that time. His mother took his sister at separation and his father left home.
He said that he pretty much lived in the bush, and in spite of this, completed high school and Capilano College. He has always wanted to design cars but this dream has not come true yet. Both his parents have passed away.
Ian has been a sawmill worker and a BC Rail worker until he had an accident which damaged his knee.
He has since had a car accident which caused brain damage which he said changed his personality as well as his life.
Ian would appreciate prayers that he regains his health.
The most important thing to him is his grown son.
He feels that the biggest limitation for him is not having a phone.

Wish List
  • Shortbread

  • Gift card to camping store for camp supplies

  • used computer

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Ian's priority is finding a permanent place to live.He has been homeless for about 3 months. He is finding this time of year particularly tough because it is the anniversary of his wife's death. They had been married for 43 years. He was a pro football player when he was young and later worked as an appliance technician for 35 years.

Ian says "My family wants nothing to do with me." He was more than willing to participate in this project and any other media interviews that would benefit the homeless in the community. He could use a winter coat, size large, a backpack, bus tickets and a phone card.

He thanked me very much. It was a pleasure to meet and chat with this individual.

Wish List

Brian is elderly man who has found himself in difficult
circumstances. He has been a resident of Victoria for nearly 20 years. Brian is catholic, and would love for prayers of good health. He has worked as a painter and carpenter nearly his entire life, until a recent series of events lost him his home. Brians
deteriorating health is making his adjustment to life on the streets even more difficult. Brian loves tinkering with old electronics. His favourite pastime is watching movies, specifically action or comedies. For christmas, Brian would love warm footwear (size
10), a large winter coat, or thermal underwear. Brian is very grateful for your prayers and love, and wishes you a merry Christmas!

Wish List
  • warm footwear size 10

  • warm winter coat size L

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  • Thermal underwear size L

Dicky grew up in Nanaimo, and at age 12 or 13 years old got addicted to drugs when he began to live on the street. He does have a disability of social anxiety and depression and this makes it hard for him to work. He has a beautiful big dog name Electra who he has cared for for five years. The size of his dog makes it very hard for him to find housing that will allow pets. Dickie is an artist. He loves to do faces and Anime art. He has sold some on the street because his art is so beautiful. His favourite part about drawing art is seeing the faces that people make when they see his artwork. They are so surprised with how good it is. Dicky's dream is being able to go to an art school or achieve having a comic book of his own design.
For Christmas Dicky would love art supplies, paint, pens, etc. He would also like some Converse runners size 10 1/2, and Everlast fitted underwear size small.

Wish List
  • art supplies, paint, brushes, pens

  • converse runners size 10 1/2

  • Everlast fitted underwear size S

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Thomas is originally from Victoria. He first ran away from home around the age of 13-14. He stayed with a friend in a clothing donation box to stay warm. He got out of jail around age 21 and was using drugs. He didn't care about anything. What's contributed most to his difficulties in life is having been medically discharged from the military for no reason. Then his girlfriend left him shortly after that, taking their daughter with her. Thomas is an auto body painter by trade. He's very keen on building things. Everyone in the shelter comes to him to fix things. What makes him happy is fixing things, working on engines, and also working on model cars and painting them. If he had unlimited resources, he'd like to have a little shop to fix up old cars. He'd appreciate prayers for his family to be happy. If there was one person he could reconnect with, it would be Kristen Ringstead, a very good old friend who lives in Enderby, BC who was studying to be a nurse. For Christmas, he would love to get a gift card for a bike shop or London Drugs and he loves Chinese food.

Wish List
  • Gift Card for a bike shop or London Drugs

  • Chinese Food

Kevin is originally from Lethbridge, AB. He then moved to South Africa at age 2 and lived there from '66 to '85. He first found himself homeless at age 31 after suffering a very emotional trauma. He lost his friend's boys in a lake. He was the foreman there and they fell in and drowned and, even though it was an accident, he can't help blaming himself for it. That is what has contributed most to the difficulties in his life. He appears to be suffering from PTSD although he said he's never even heard that term before. Back when the accident happened, he was working on a cattle ranch. He can't do physical work like that anymore due to his arthritis but he would like to volunteer at a place like this. He's also done painting, decorating, and maintenance before. What makes him happy is being where he is now (at Mount Edward). He said it's the best situation and support he's had in 10 years! His new hobby is building bicycles. He likes to strip them down and rebuild them. If he had unlimited resources, he'd like to have a nice house and anything to do with horses. He'd appreciate for others to pray that all goes well with the trauma. His buddy still doesn't know that he blames himself for the accident.

Wish List

Priscilla is a middle aged aboriginal woman, mother,
and music lover. Raising a family of 3 children was a full time job for Priscilla. Her biggest wish in the world is too join her kids once again, and is working hard to make that happen. Her passions include BMX, music and travelling! Music makes her swell
with joy; hence her goal of working in the music industry. If she could learn how to play any instrument, it would be the guitar. For Christmas, Priscilla would simply love either a blanket, a warm winter coat (size medium) or a backpack! She appreciates your
kindness and wishes you a happy holiday!

Wish List
  • blanket

  • warm winter coat size M

  • backpack

Sam is originally from Victoria. She first ran away from home at age 14 with her best friend. She was living in foster care at the time. She said it was weird and creepy. They ran away to Vancouver but were found by the police because they looked so young. Sam has experienced many family difficulties. Her dad was an alcoholic and her mom passed away from cirrhosis of the liver. Also, she didn't get along with her step-dad. The hardest part of her life currently is trying to maintain sobriety, especially in a place like this (Mount Edward) where addictions/addicts are so prevalent. Sam recently graduated from cosmetology school. In the past she's done a lot of customer service retail work and has worked as a receptionist. Moving forward, she'd like to do more barbering work as she feels it allows more creativity than doing women's hair. She enjoys doing other people's hair in the building. It makes her feel good to help other people with their hair and make-up. What makes her happy is her two little girls. If she had unlimited resources, she'd like to take the Indigenous Support Program at Camosun. She would appreciate others to pray for a sense of peace for her and to pray for her sister and hope that she's okay.

Wish List
  • Warm Footwear Size 9

  • Plush/Fleece Blanket

  • Gift Card for Pennington's or Marshall's

Peter has a cheerful disposition and looks for the good in everything around him. For many years, he worked as a bush pilot throughout western Canada. Although he fallen on hard times, he said he has always been able to find shelter and has not had to spend a night on the streets. Peter plays the guitar and especially enjoys rock and roll and county and western music. Some of his favourite songs are “Teen Angel” and “Runaway.” Peter has three adult children, and he asks that people pray that they have a fulfilling life.

Peter’s Christmas Wish List
Leather lace-up shoes, men’s size 10
Bus tickets (seniors)
A&W gift card
Gift card for a coffee shop

Wish List
  • Leather lace-up shoes Men's size 10

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  • Bus tickets (seniors)

  • A&W gift card

  • gift card for coffee shop

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Patrick at Mount Edwards Court homeless shelter. I could tell he was a warm and caring individual upon meeting him. Patrick is originally from Cape Breton and born in 1959, one of 7 siblings. He still had a tinge of his East Coast accent. He has 3 grown daughters who he keeps in contact with. His eyes lit up when he spoke of them.
Patrick worked full-time up until a few years ago and was living in one of the low rent motels which suddenly evicted everyone to upgrade and increase rents. He found himself homeless and ended up at Rock Bay Landing. He has worked over 25 years as a carpenter and stone mason mostly.
He stayed at Rock Bay a couple of years but told me that “I could not stay there knowing there were women who needed a place and it is a safe zone for them. So I slept outside with a tarp. Or if a woman was sleeping outside I would sleep outside to protect her from anyone.” He said his mother raised him to protect women and children. “They come first.”
When I asked Patrick what kind of help or services he needed the most he told me he is trying to get on disability and then get dentures. He is working with his family doctor on this application.
I asked him what makes him happy and he replied “If other people are happy. If I have money or cigarettes I give to others who need it more.” He says “You have to live with yourself and how you treat others. Friendship is more important than money.” Patrick spoke about the other people living at Mount Edward as “his family”. He said “I would give my life for my friends in here.”
When I asked Patrick if there was anything he would like for Christmas he said “No, just get stuff for others. I don’t want to take away from someone else.” We did come up with a few things that he could use:
• Hiking boots size 10
• Gloves size Large
• A Hoodie size Large
• A Backpack
• Bus Tickets
• Cigarettes (any kind)
It was a pleasure meeting Patrick. He deserves a few things for himself as he is so giving and selfless towards others.

Wish List
  • Hiking boots size 10

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  • gloves size L

  • A Hoodie size L

  • backpack

  • bus tickets