Lion Hotel
Vancouver, British Columbia

The Lion Hotel is a partnership between Lookout and the landlord to provide additional supports for 35 of the 70 tenants. Many of our tenants do not have families to go home to this Christmas; but we have our own little “family” here at the Lion Hotel and any support however small would go a long way to help.

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Drop off Locations:
  • Lion Hotel, 316 Powell Street, Vancouver , Staffing is limited at this location. Please call and ask for Robin to arrange a time 604-806-0356 or see the Walton for alternative drop off location.
  • Walton, 261 East Hastings , Please call Georgetta to arrange for the best time to drop off 604-688-9129
  • Al Mitchell Place Shelter, 346 Alexander St , Al Mitchell Place Shelter is staffed 24 hours a day however please try to avoid meal times (8-9am, 12-1pm, 5-6 pm) Please ask for Scott the Supervisor. Please make sure to label your present with the Name and Assigned ID#. A description of the present should be kept separate from any personal notes or cards you wish to include with the present.





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I was born in Calgary Albeta but Raised in Mission BC. I was 54 years old the first time I had no where to sleep and slept outside. I had some money but there was a less than 1% vacancy rate so I couldn't get a place at all.
I am an iron worker / welder, This was my life for 30 years, but I fell 40 feet and shattered my ankle and heel. Now I'm on disability.
Pray that I find a clean place to live with elevator and private bath and kitchen. A decent bed to sleep in ans a comfortable chair to sleep in. Thank you for your prayers and kindness, God Bless you.

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Happiness to me is a hot cup of coffee or tea and to wake up after a good nights sleep and catch CBC morning Program.
I Love listening to music and my Spiritual CD's. I wish I had a stereo and headphones.

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I have trouble talking about my life. I have lived on the Downtown East Side of Vancouver so long that I can't imagine livinganywhere else. This is my Community.

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I was born in Azores Portugal. The first time I slept outside I was 29 years old. I chose to stay outside when I wasn't working to save my money.
I've worked mstly in food services, Restaurants, waiter. But now I can't work due to medical complications. Last time I worked was 2001, picking fruit, but now I can't even do that.
My life is made difficult because of my disease and my lung problems.
I'm happy when I keep motivated and put a smile on other people's faces

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I was born in Surrey, BC. I was first homeless at age 26. I was doing drugs and I sold my house, the place got so messy and I had to leave. There has been a lot of violence in my life that makes it difficult to lead a normal life. I struggle to be organized and do the daily things that need to get done. Taking responcibility for my life is really hard.
I've done a lot of labour jobs, in construction and painting, framing houses.
Music makes me happy, and I love when people smile. I'm also very fond of Teddy bears, and hugs. It nice when everythiing is going well for me,
Pray that my rest is bountiful.

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I was born in Williams Lake, BC. I was about 24 when I was first homeless, I had been living with my cousin to share the costs but we couldn't maintain it so we lost our apartment.
I have worked as a drywall finisher and other labourer jobs. I always feel happy when I am working. It's rewarding to build something with your hands.

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I was born in Saskatchewan, Regina. The first time I had to sleep out I was 24. My gilrdfriend broke up with me and I couldn't find a place to live after that. It was so cold.
I really liked roofing, and I used to be a professional musician with a band but they split up and so I'm not doing that anymore. I do some work in arena conversions now.
Music makes me happy. I also love my cat and am happy when I get to work.
Pray for healing and for my cat's healing as my cat is not in the best of health these days.

Wish List
  • Warm foot wear size 9 men's

  • gift card for food - I like mac and cheese, and chinese noodles

  • underwear medium size 9-10 men's