Phoenix Homes
Regina, Saskatchewan

Phoenix HOMES is a Housing First program that works with individuals who are chronically homeless to help them get off the streets and into permanent, stable housing. Once in housing, the team works with the individuals using a myriad of supports and services to assist in maintaining housing and improving their quality of life.

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Drop off Locations:
  • Glen Elm Church of Christ, 1825 Rothwell Street , All gifts must be dropped off no later than Friday, December 16, at 4 PM. For your convenience, please call ahead (306-757-1825) to ensure that someone is present to receive your drop-off. Gifts will be delivered to Phoenix Homes shortly after December 16. Call the number above if you have any further questions.





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Brooklyn came to Regina to get off of her reserve. She enjoys playing volleyball and basketball. She also enjoys art, particularly sketching and painting. Brooklyn hopes in the future to be able to finish school.

Wish List

Robert is from Regina. He enjoys getting out and walking. He also likes singing Johnny Cash songs. Robert is currently trying to quit drinking and trying to stop stealing.

Wish List
  • Gift Cards ( Tim Hortons, Wal Mart, any gas stations)

Dale grew up in Regina. He enjoys sports with a special interest in Canada's Jay's. He also likes to cook and play video games. He is good working with hands and hopes to go back to school and get his GED and after attend some Post Secondary education. He stresses to his family the importance of school.

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Benji has grown up in Regina. He is an artist and enjoys sketching and painting. He also enjoys cooking and all sports (especially the Jays). He currently is struggling with drug and alcohol issues.

Wish List
  • Warm Steel Toe Boots (Mens, size 11)

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  • Hat, Gloves, Scarf

  • Sketch Pad & Pencil Crayons for Art

Darwin came to Regina from the Muskowekwan First Nation after his mom passed away as he had no where to live. He is an artist and enjoys painting. He struggles with addictions and yelling in his home. He hopes in the future to be able to sell some of his art.

Wish List
  • Warm Winter Footwear (Men's size 8)

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  • Blanket

  • Clothing (Men's size 34 Black Pants)

Edward grew up in Regina. he enjoys getting out and walking and playing cards. He also likes to spend time drawing.

Wish List

Elaine grew up in Prince Albert and came to Regina in 2003. She wanted to relocate to a different area. She enjoys walking and visiting with others. She hopes to be able to complete her Grade 12 in the future.

Wish List
  • Warm Winter Footwear (Female, Size 9)

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  • Gift Card (Walmart, or Phone Card for Long Distance)

  • DVD Player

Ernie grew up in a foster home on Gordon's Reserve. In the 1970's he ran away from foster care and hitchhiked to Regina, which has been home. Ernie likes animals, especially dogs and enjoys art and sketching. He likes to cook. Ernie hopes to be able to work again in the future.

Wish List
  • Warm Footwear (Men's size 10.5 or 11)

  • Winter Coat (Men's Medium)

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  • Art Supplies (Sketch Pad - large and pencils)

Harley has lived all over in Saskatchewan,. He has spent time in Yorkton and Saskatoon and in 2012 came to Regina as he had nowhere else to go. Harley enjoys the sport of wrestling (not WWE). Harley wants to be able to be himself and wants his mom to be happy and not have to worry about her boys. Harley's real wish was to be able to help his family with his gifts and give to them.

Wish List
  • Gift Cards (Superstore, Walmart)

  • Bus ticket to Yorkton (to be with his mom for Christmas)

Jake was born in Regina and has spent all of his life here. He enjoys working at drywalling and someday hopes to have his own company. He is interested in and enjoys skateboarding, video games and doing artwork. His current challenges are staying sober and becoming a father. Jake wants to be a good father.

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Kenton spent some time in Alberta but is from Regina. Kenton is working hard and lives by 3 p's: Patience, positivity and perseverance. He is looking for healthy outlets to help him not return to a lifestyle of addictions. He watches motivational videos and enjoys video games and cooking. Kenton describes himself as a good listener and is good with people. He quit smoking and addictions and is trying to stay that way. He struggles with arthritis and also anxiety and depression but is getting help for this. He is working to get his business degree and go into sales and is trying to get his drivers license.

Wish List
  • Gym membership

  • MS Office 365 (for his computer for school)

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  • School Supplies (binders, paper, pens, pencils, computer bag, clipboard, etc.)

Roderick grew up in Montana and at Whitebear. He moved to Regina when he was 16 years old with his parents. He enjoys doing bead work, playing chess and crib. He is good at chess and mathematics. He hopes in the future to be able to get off of Dilantin and to find a nice home with with an elevator.

Wish List
  • Gift Card (WalMart)

  • Gift Card (Regina Transit)

Tyson went to Highschool in Pilot Butte and when he turned 17 he moved out of foster care and moved to Regina. Tyson likes riding the bus and is very good at remembering numbers. He struggles currently with addictions. He hopes in the future to be able to get a job.

Wish List
  • Warm winter footwear (Men's size 10)

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  • Blanket

  • IPod (any kind)

Albert has always called Regina home. He enjoys going out to movies, bowling, singing karaoke and playing bingo. He hopes in the future to be able to see his 3 daughters more often.

Wish List
  • Winter Coat (3XL)

  • Phone Card (Rogers)

  • Gift Card (Wal Mart or other for Clothing purchase)

Charmaine came to Regina from Sakimay Reserve in 1992 with her mother to work. She enjoys being creative with Native artwork, crafts, drawing and painting. Her talents lie in her artwork and she also enjoys baking, cooking and rollerblading. Charmaine is struggling with addictions and hopes that in the future her substance abuse will become less of a struggle for her.

Wish List
  • Gift Card (No Frills, Tim Hortons)

  • Sour Candies

  • Radio

Ivan grew up in Saskatoon and moved to Regina in 2004 after his mom passed away. He enjoys drawing and art. Everyday is a challenge for Ivan. He hopes someday that his son can come to live in Regina.

Wish List
  • Socks, (Mens sz 9 shoe)

  • Warm Gloves

  • Bus Ticket to Saskatoon & Ticket to bring son home w/him

Leon grew up in Regina. He enjoys playing Chess and other card games. He also enjoys drawing. One of his current challenges is mobility and access.

Wish List
  • Warm Footwear (Men's size 10)

  • Gloves

  • Sleeping Bag

Les grew up in Ontario and Alberta. He moved to Regina 20 years ago with his now ex-girlfriend. His passion is painting and art. His current struggle is with alcohol consumption and he is trying to decrease that. He hopes to be able to get a job in the future.

Wish List
  • Warm Gloves for winter

  • Winter Coat (Men's sz Medium)

  • Gift Card - Tim Horton's

Robert came to Regina from Nova Scotia. He enjoyed life there growing up on the farm. Three years ago he came to Regina for a change of scenery. He enjoys watching TV and going out for coffee. He is mechanically inclined and likes to cook. He hopes to be in good health in the future.

Wish List
  • Warm Footwear (Men's sz 8)

  • Socks (men's 8)

  • Winter Coat (Men's sz XL)

Sheldon grew up outside of Regina in Ft.Qu'appelle and doesn't know exactly when he ended up in Regina. He enjoys doing bead work and playing racing games. He has some good Michael Jackson moves and is good at cleaning. His current challenge is finding a job. He hopes to be able to make some good friends here.

Wish List
  • Backpack

  • N64 Racking Game and Joystick

  • Dark Green Nailpolish

Lindsay spent the first 14 years of his life in Saskatoon, but moved to Regina when he "needed a change". Of this city, he says that he most enjoys seeing his friends. Lindsay is interested in arts and crafts. He is skilful in the arts - especially poetry. Lindsay currently faces some financial challenges, especially when it comes to buying food. One day he hopes to go back to school to study computer technology. For Christmas, Lindsay would like some pants (men's size 34, in dark blue or black), and gift cards from Walmart and No-frills.

Wish List
  • Pants (men's size 34, in dark blue or black)

  • Walmart gift card

  • No-frills gift card